EnviroShield, exclusive to Maid Right of Utah: the Ultimate Clean

Now experience complete sanitation with EnviroShield™ when you hire Maid Right of Utah for your residential cleaning.

EnviroShield™ is exclusively Maid Right of Utah's brand for domestic use – arguably, the ultimate top-notch disinfecting system. With this system, the disinfectant surrounds and clings to surfaces, killing harmful bacteria, including MRSA and e-Coli. EnviroShield™ meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency and causes no harmful effects. To learn more about our fabulous cleaning process, visit maidrightutah.com.

Environmentally safe and requiring no special handling or ventilation, this cleaning agent provides complete, 100% disinfection coverage. The secret lies in the electrically-charged spray droplets which have a force attraction 75 times greater than gravity. This cleaner even covers hidden areas.

Using the most advanced technology today, EnviroShield™ has been proven effective after its use in medical facilities. Make the safe choice for a germ-preventing cleaner and choose Maid Right of Utah to disinfect your home. Prevent illness to your family members by choosing innovative cleaning services that protects your health.

For a company that does so much more than remove dirt and debris, turn to the truly professional cleaners at Maid Right of Utah. Kill germs in places you couldn't reach before with our services and live in a protected environment. So many cleaning companies out there today are only interested in cleaning and don't care what toll their chemicals have on Mother Nature. At Maid Right of Utah, they are completed invested in sanitary cleaning and protecting the environment.

In addition to keeping you and your environment safe, we keep your wallet happy too! For a limited time only, Maid Right of Utah is offering a complimentary EnviroShield™ total spray disinfectant for your entire residence with each cleaning visit. This is a $75 value available to you now for free! Take advantage of this special offer by visiting maidrightutah.com

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