Entricit to Transform Independent Auto Repair Services with 8 Million Connected Cars

Entricit will help independent auto repair services connect with customers through smart vehicle tech, alerting auto repair shops when a vehicle needs work using live on-board vehicle data.

Entricit is looking to disrupt the automotive repair industry on behalf of the 200,000 independent auto repair shops and parts suppliers in the US. The Irvine, CA-based company will connect repair shops with the millions of customers they serve by accessing the existing live on-board vehicle data to alert shops when a vehicle needs attention.

Vehicles are not designed to provide detailed information to drivers with a simple “check engine” light, which is often alarming to consumers and does not tell them what they should do next. Independent auto repair shops have only been able to access vehicle data by physically connecting large expensive scanning tools to the vehicle’s on-board computer. This gap leaves the repair shops with a limited ability to help their customers without the vehicle being driven or towed to a shop.

Access to live vehicle data without physical access to the vehicle has been the domain of vehicle manufacturer telematics. Telematics controlled by auto manufacturers is largely about getting vehicle owners to return to a dealership. Meanwhile, millions of vehicles have been equipped with fleet telematics and mileage based insurance programs, giving the fleet managers and insurance companies access to critical vehicle data. However, virtually none of this data has made its way to the independent auto repair shop. Until now, the repair shop industry, made up of some 200,000 car care centers, cannot justify paying to put additional telematics devices into every car they service.

Entricit was founded to help auto repair shops tackle these problems in a novel way by accessing the data from millions of existing connected cars. Without buying or installing any additional telematics devices, this live vehicle data is then integrated into the shops’ existing workflow. Now repair shops can be the first to know when something on a client’s car goes wrong and can provide immediate assistance. This new program will level the playing field, allowing workshops to get a better idea of what’s going on with a vehicle and to immediately determine parts availability. Entricit streamlines the maintenance and repair process, reduces data entry and increases customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Auto Career Training (ACT), a leading training provider to the aftermarket parts industry, is on hand to provide training in how to master this new integration.

Barry Hoyland, President of ACT, explained, “Modern vehicles produce and transmit a lot of live data but the independent shops never get access to any of that information. When we heard of Entricit’s approach to this problem, we were excited that someone finally figured out how to seamlessly integrate telematics into an aftermarket shop. We are extremely pleased to be able to provide shops with the training necessary to implement the data throughout their shop and to their employees, and to communicate the added value to their clients.”

Randall Guinn, spokesperson for Entricit, added, “We wanted to level the playing field for independent auto repair and defend the rights of consumers. We can connect to 8 million vehicles with the partnerships in place today through a variety of devices which are already on the road, and we expect to announce even more integrations in the near future. If one of these connected cars has a problem, the sensors can pick up the data and send it immediately to the customer’s preferred repair shop. From there, the shop can reach out directly and look after their loyal customer, knowing what may be wrong with the car before they make the call. This prompt interaction creates trust and saves consumers from more expensive repairs in the future. Independent shops & their customers will now be at the cutting edge of the connected car revolution.”

Mitchell1 is one of the first management software providers to integrate Entricit’s new system. Ben Johnson, Director of Product Management, said, “The Entricit vision aligned perfectly with our goal of better connecting our customers to their customers. As the market leader in shop management system software, our integration with Entricit allows our shops to be first to have access to this data. We are excited that Mitchell1 customers now have more powerful tools to look after their customers and compete fairly with dealerships. We are proud of that joint achievement.”

Randy Buller, President of Parts Authority, a leading warehouse distributor, says “As a parts distributor, having access to live vehicle data for so many makes and models allows us to service our customers better than ever. We know what makes and models are breaking down, when, and why. Entricit will give our workshop customers a powerful tool for attracting, retaining and better servicing their clients.”

About Entricit: Entricit is the world's leading supplier of real time vehicle generated data & prognostics to the auto repair & maintenance industry, from millions of connected cars on the road. Their live data reporting system accesses systems already installed on 8 million vehicles to empower consumers to connect to their local auto repair shop to send live data on engine and vehicle problems, creating more seamless solutions for repair shops that integrate the Entricit system.

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