Entrepreneurial Twins, 22, Risk It All On Custom T Shirt Business, Garment Décor

Garment Décor has a new high profile location in Chino, California, creating an artistic studio and playground space for their T-Shirt design and print business.

Branding on T-shirts is not a new idea, and the chest area on a t-shirt provides the perfect whitespace to fill with important or humorous messages, iconography, branding and more. This concept is so versatile however that it has hardly been explored to its full potential, and Garment Décor hope to do just that. The screen printing business, owned by entrepreneurial twins just 22 years old, has now opened a full office, studio and printing location offering custom T shirts in Chino, California.

The company offers screen printing, embroidery and digital t-shirt printing, giving them a range of approaches from the old-school to the hyper modern in order to create a range of different effects that caters to all sectors of the market.

The website can provide designer T-shirts, as seen in their portfolio, on behalf of emerging fashion labels, as well as creating custom t-shirts for anything from stag nights to family reunions, as well as more practical needs like work uniforms for businesses.

The new location allows them to create shirts on an industrial scale, and fulfill much higher demands than ever before, as well as consulting on the creative approaches involved in their hybrid studio playground, designed to inspire clients.

A spokesperson for Garment Décor explained, “We are capable of creating t-shirts, hoodies, even scarves with custom designs- over five hundred supported styles, and in every size and color, making for limitless possibilities. Add to that our state of the art, comprehensive printing capabilities and the limit is only the imagination that goes into the design. With all inclusive pricing, it’s a simple and straight forward process, and we can even work to short deadlines with our rush service. We make it as easy as possible to get the best possible results, and can even help with the conceptualization to ensure the execution is flawless.”

About Garment Décor:
Garment Décor is located in Chino, California and operates out of a high end studio playground designed to stimulate creativity and support industrial-scale T-shirt printing and embroidery. Whether companies need uniforms, families want reunion shirts, products need promotional teams or stag nights need commemorating, Garment Décor can create the t-shirts they need.

Contact Info:
Name: Devyn Lado
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Organization: Garment Decor
Phone: (909) 263-3773
Website: http://garmentdecor.com/

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