Entities – The Ultimate Platform for NFT Collectors and Creators

Entities is a DAO & launchpad curated for the collector, while also enabling the artists vision.

The number of collectible digital assets is growing at an exponential rate, and owning these assets can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Not only do people have to worry about the security of their assets, but also whether or not the asset issuer will remain solvent. This can often lead to collectors being taken advantage of.

Entities is a decentralized autonomous organization that enables artists to issue their work in a secure and trustworthy manner. It is a DAO and launchpad curated for both collectors and artists.

The platform allows collectors to acquire these works with confidence, knowing that the artists will always be able to receive payment for their work. In addition, their community-driven art initiative ensures that all members have access to their ever-growing library of content. Through Entities DAO and launchpad framework, participants now have exclusive access to all of these digital assets while supporting their favorite artists in the process. Participants in the platform's development can own the rights to help to govern it.

Generating NFT Collections with Entities

NFTs are a great way to create unique digital assets, but launching an NFT can be difficult for those who lack knowledge in coding. It can be difficult or impossible for non-coders to launch their own NFT collections. This means that many great ideas may never see the light of day. Entities takes the hassle out of creating NFTs.

With Entities, anyone can create and launch generative NFT collections in minutes without having to write a single line of code. The easy-to-use platform makes it easy for anyone to get started with NFTs.

The platform will handle everything so users can focus on creating a masterpiece. Creators will have full control to experiment, import layers, and deploy their collection of ERC-721 NFTs produced on-chain at mint with no coding required. They can create layers, assign traits names, specify variation naming formulas, and set traits rarity. They can also explore possibilities off - chain and generate randomized variations. They need to keep repeating and adjusting until they get their final results.

Users can submit their collection to Entities DAO. The deploy button will work only when the user is approved by the platform. User can deploy their generative minting contract to Mainnet with just a few clicks.

How does the Entities collection smart contract work?

A token factory is deployed as a standalone smart contract named TokenNameFactory.sol. Token metadata, contract metadata, and minting logic are all contained in the smart contracts. Wallet addresses serve as payout recipients and are used to verify ownership through Entities and manage collections before and after deployment. To test contracts, they are initially deployed to Rinkeby Testnet, then shortly after to Ethereum Mainnet.

Participants can learn more about how the Entities platform works by visiting their official website.

This publication has been released in collaboration with CoinBoosts x Entities.

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