Enrolled Employees Use FSA Funds Ahead to Purchase Useful First Aid Items

Maximize Remaining FSA Funds with First Aid Supplies

While the 2019 FSA (Flexible Spending Account) season ended for most companies on December 31, 2019, some employers allow a grace period through March 15, 2020. Individuals with dollars remaining in their FSA’s should start making an inventory of the items and medical services they can use their remaining funds on.

Popular FSA-approved items include over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, safety, and medical tools, denture creams, nasal sprays, eyeglasses, first aid kits, and contact lenses. Surviveware, maker of high-quality adventure and survival gear, offers FSA-eligible products such as the Large First Aid Kit.

A standout feature of this expanded first aid kit is its labeled compartments and sections. To easily and quickly access needed supplies in emergencies, first aid kit owners must be able to quickly ascertain everything they need, which can be difficult as one’s logic and thought process are often impeded with worry and panic. Thanks to the compartment labels, users can quickly react and respond to emergencies where immediate patient care is a must. Further, the markings on this Large First Aid Kit also help identify the items that need to be replenished after several uses.

While many first aid kits come in bulky plastic containers, the soft-shell casing of the Surviveware Large First Aid Kit is made of 600D polyester. This material helps protect it from moisture. The kit’s MOLLE-compatible system allows it to be strapped to a headrest, rollbar, rucksack, dehydration pack, camp chair, and many other surfaces, providing easy access to users.

Surviveware’s Large First Aid Kit is packed with 200 life-saving supplies. It also contains a mini first aid kit with 50 medical supplies that can be removed for short excursions.

The kit, which can be ordered using an FSA credit card on Amazon Prime, has ample space for adding personalized items such as prescriptions, ointments, and other specialized survival items specific to one’s needs. This first aid kit is a must-have for vehicles, homes, and go-bags. With its versatile features and quality first aid supplies, users are assured that they are cared for should they encounter an accident.

In the following review written by Amazon customer, Jessica, a volunteer firefighter and mom, rated this Large First Aid Kit:

“I had to use up my FSA funds before I lose them. As a single mom, volunteer firefighter, and use to be EMT, I am always looking for wonderful first aid kits! I found this one! Well made, durable, well equipped!

I am blown away by how much stuff is in it! A FDA approved splint, shears, a mini first aid kit, and other wonderful first aid essentials. Plus, you can also get a free tourniquet as well. You can take it with you and have it hooked on to the back of your car seat. I am a customer for life. Thank you so much!”

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