Enrich your Yoga Practice in Body and Spirit with ALAMATA’s Eco-friendly Cork Moon Yoga Blocks

Enrich your Yoga Practice in Body and Spirit with ALAMATA’s Eco-friendly Cork Moon Yoga Blocks

ALAMATA is delighted to announce the launch of their new innovative half-moon yoga blocks. Made from 100% natural cork, the blocks are specifically designed to enrich the yoga experience by enabling yoga practitioners to stretch deeper and improve balance.

The blocks are designed with Yogis of all levels in mind. Slip-resistant cork allows for better grip during practice, making it perfect for beginners, while a beautifully smooth form provides unparalleled firmness and stability. The curved half-moon shape, unique to the ALAMATA Yoga cork blocks, allows for greater use within yoga activity. The blocks can be used in a wide variety of ways, from enhancing flexibility to relaxing at the end of practice.

The massive increase in the popularity of yoga, as people seek refuge from the chaos of modern life, has led to an influx of yoga products to the market. ALAMATA come to the fore for their expert designs. Created with yogis' wellbeing placed at the core of their products, they focus on bringing comfort to daily practice. They understand that it is crucial for students of yoga who wish to practice safely to choose products such as those from ALAMATA which are carefully engineered to improve yoga activities. By helping to ensure proper alignment during poses, ALAMATA's moon blocks significantly reduce the risk of injury during practice.

ALAMATAS’s mission is to create and develop products that help make life more comfortable, not just by inspiring further practice of yoga but also by providing durable, sustainable equipment that positively impacts our environment and the world around us. ALAMATA’s Half Round blocks are 100% organic and easy to recycle, making them the perfect option for those who wish to take a holistic approach to yoga. By ensuring a sustainable approach to our world and climate, ALAMATA seeks to bring yoga practice beyond the present and on to our future generations.

For experienced yogis, the ALAMATA moon blocks are an excellent addition to the yoga toolkit. They are a very useful prop for building strength to achieve more advanced positions. Used to increase the impact of asanas throughout practice, allowing the mind to focus on breath and flow, they allow the core muscles to maintain balance and posture, enriching the yoga experience as practitioners strive to be better than yesterday.

The blocks also serve to provide relief following practice. By simply placing the block behind the lumbar for a more invigorating restorative bridge or using it to release tension in the ankles or calves, the moon block provides well-earned relief for those established in their practice.

For meditation and yoga aficionados alike, Moon blocks bring about more meaningful practice with every use as practitioners strive to move forward and improve beyond the present into the future. Take your yoga practice to the next level today. ALAMATA Moon Blocks are available to purchase today from amazon.com.


ALAMATA is a vibrant fitness brand that strives to enhance the wellbeing and fitness of its customers through a range of unique and innovative products in the health and wellbeing sector. Their half-moon yoga blocks are the latest addition to their range of fitness products for yoga and Pilates.
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