EnfantParfait.com Launches, Offering Parenting Advice and Baby Product Buyer Guides

New site publishes reviews of baby air humidifiers, baby baskets and more

EnfantParfait.com has launched, offering parenting advice and baby product buyer guides. The French language site, whose name means “perfect child” in French, is dedicated to expectant mothers, covering pregnancy, baby and child. At launch, it has published reviews for the best humidificateur d'air bébé (baby air humidifier) and couffin pour bébé (baby basket) products on the market.

“Having a baby is a wonderful, but extremely overwhelming experience,” said a spokesperson for the site. “On top of all of the physical and emotional effects, you have to decide what products to buy to help you care for your new baby. This is where we help. Our in-depth reviews can guide you to make the right choice.”

The article “The 10 Best Baby Air Humidifiers in 2020: Comparison Table and Shopping Guide” gives readers an information-rich overview of the baby air humidifier category. It then lists the site’s top recommendations. These include the Philips HU4803/01, the Babymoov Hygro Plus, which the site calls the “best silent ultrasonic baby air humidifier with essential oil diffuser,” and the Homasy product. The latter features a timer with automatic shutdown. For each product, the site describes the pros and cons of the humidifier. For example, a humidifier might have quiet operation, but a backlight that is too bright.

In “The 5 Best Baby Cribs in 2020,” EnfantParfait.com lists its top picks for baby bassinets. The article explores the requirements of a good baby basket, such as the need for hypoallergenic mattresses. “As any parent will tell you, babies are very sensitive to chemicals and smells that we, as adults, no longer notice,” the spokesperson added. “The wrong mattress in a bassinet can cause sleepless nights and a lot of discomfort. We’ve done the research here to help you avoid these kinds of outcomes.”

About EnfantParfait.com
EnfantParfait.com (the perfect child) is a website dedicated to parenting, pregnancy and childcare. It offers baby name suggestions, spiritual guidance and practical product reviews.

For more information, visit www.enfantparfait.com

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