Energy Home Pros Expands Services As They Announce Record Sales Figures

Energy Home Pros are on the up and up, and have expanded their range of energy saving products and services to include radiant barriers, eliminating the primary cause of energy waste.

Heat rises. This elementary principle of physics is in fact responsible for the vast majority of energy waste in modern homes. Attics are an empty and poorly insulated space into which heat from the more well-used rooms in the home escape and dissipate, causing homeowners to waste money on creating more heat to replace that heat loss. Energy Home Pros in San Antonio, Tx has been going from strength to strength, and has introduced a new product to take insulation to the next level.

The San Antonio radiant barrier is a new kind of attic insulation that will not only trap but reflect 95% of the heat that travels to the attic, recirculating it back into the home. As summer approaches, the radiant barrier will also serve to keep in cool air and significantly reduce the hard work done by the air conditioning unit.

To help people decide on whether the radiant barrier is for them, Energy Home Pros is offering a free initial consultation to discuss how much the radiant barrier technology would cost for the home and calculate how much individuals are likely to save.

A spokesperson for Energy Home Pros explained, “Radiant barrier technology is next leap forward from roof insulation. Rather than merely trapping heat in the roof until the air cools and descends, the radiant barrier actively captures and reflects hot or cool air back into the home, keeping it in the used living spaces. Our company is growing rapidly as more people understand the value of these technologies. We are pleased to announce record sales as a result, and we are doing everything within our power to ensure that trend continues. Good business for us means lifelong savings for our customers.”

About Energy Home Pros: Energy Home Pros is a home improvement company in San Antonio, TX that helps homeowners save money on their energy bills. The company offers a range of products to increase energy efficiency in the home, including radiant barriers, attic insulation, replacement windows and more. They are passionate about helping people realize the full potential of their homes.

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