Emerging U.S. Fashion Design Team Seeks Community Support to Achieve Career Milestone

The pinnacle of high fashion, Paris Fashion Week 2015 marks a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for five emerging U.S. fashion designers. Coordinated by talent agency, 3 Blackbird Management, the team is campaigning for support to help them achieve this dream of showing in Paris, France this October.

In the fashion world, there are few greater opportunities – or compliments - for designers than an invitation to present their inspired creations at the globally esteemed Paris Fashion Week, yet that very opportunity has presented itself to five emerging fashion designers from the southeastern United States. In October, 2015 – just a few short weeks away – the team, consisting of three fashion designers and two jewelry designers, along with a select company of models, hair and makeup artists, journalists, photographers and, of course, the talent that pulls it all together behind the scenes, have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reveal their SS16 collections on the runways of Paris, France, and they are seeking support from the public at large to help them get there.

“Attending Paris Fashion Week is more than just a career milestone for these aspiring designers,” states 3 Blackbird Management co-owner, photographer and talent manager, Leigh Moose. “It’s an opportunity to be discovered by buyers, agents, and the global public; to launch these emerging careers to a level achieved by only a handful of hopefuls; a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a real chance to make dreams come true.”

As one would imagine, landing on the Paris runway – even with an invitation – is a spendy proposition. Collectively, the team is campaigning to raise $30,000 to cover entry fees, travel expenses, and all the “little things” associated with producing a high qual ity presentation. Ms. Moose further states, “There’s so much that goes into presenting a show of this caliber that people never see – this kind of magic doesn’t happen by itself, it takes an entire team; a hard-working, uber-talented, ridiculously dedicated team. That’s the very trifecta we’ve got with this group – now all we need is the money to get them to Paris; their talent will take them from there.”

To that end, the Paris Fashion Week team has launched a crowdfunding campaign, Emerging Designers to Show at Paris Fashion Week, with IndieGogo. As of this publication, they have received donations equivalent to 13% of their current goal, and are striving to raise the remainder of funds needed over the course of the next two weeks. The creative incentives offered at various donation levels range from personalized, soon-to-be collectible post cards all the way to a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind gown, with many extremely unique perks between.

Leigh Moose advises, “When these designers become household names in the world of fashion, our supporters will have a valuable piece of the history that brought them to that level…and our perpetual, collective gratitude.” Corporate sponsorships are also greatly appreciated, and can be arranged by contacting 3 Blackbird Management directly.

The Paris Fashion Week 2015 team features three emerging fashion designers and two jewelry designers, all rising stars in the southeastern region of the United States. The featured fashion designers include Noelle Stanley of Holton House USA, Brendan M Combs of BRENDANMCOMBS, and Zachary Howell of Zachary/Nathaniel, along with trending jewelry designers, Sarah Markusich of Autumn & Parr and Brandi Bowen of Ever So Lovely. Each of these aspiring designers has achieved industry recognition in their own right, under their own, original labels, including prestigious awards in the South Carolina region.

Of the People’s Choice Award one of these designers, Noelle Stanley, received as a Top 20 Emerging Designer, recognized by Charleston Fashion Week 2014 for her high end children’s fashions, Ambrosia Star Designs, the talented young designer reflects, “Fashion design is my passion, and receiving that kind of acknowledgement from industry authorities is, of course, flattering, but it’s also validating - it tells me that my dream is viable in today’s marketplace.”

That kind of exposure is also extremely necessary for an emerging designer to achieve success in the fashion world. Their ideas must first be discovered before they can be adored, and that’s just what this team aims to accomplish by bringing their diverse and unique designs to life on the runways of Paris this October.

To learn more about the members of this talented and industrious fashion team and/or help them to achieve their goal of presenting at Paris Fashion Week, please visit Emerging Designers to Show at Paris Fashion Week on IndieGogo.
To follow the team’s progress and share their achievements and aspirations, please join the ongoing event for Emerging Designers to Show at Paris Fashion Week on Facebook.

**Jennifer Finnell is a freelance journalist specializing in all things fabulous, including fashion, fine wine, and achieving the American Dream.

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