Emergencyproductmall.com is Proud to Unveil its New Website

With an emphasis on making emergency preparedness accessible to everyone, emergencyproductmall.com is happy to announce that its new website is ready to assist companies with customers who are preparing for natural disasters.

Regardless of the emergency situation for which its customers are preparing, emergencyproductmall.com is committed to helping them get through trying situations. This includes surviving in the wilderness, as well as emergency situations involving vehicles.

This newly minted website offers a myriad or survival products. For customers seeking an emergency tool kit for car use, emergencyproductmall.com offers the Ultimate Auto Guardian Kit. The idea behind an automotive kit is to help the driver and his passengers survive an accident that leaves him or her conscious but unable to move to a safe area. Food and water with a five year shelf life are included, as well as ponchos and other emergency weather gear to protect people from outdoor elements. Other products that are included in this kit assist in escaping crashed vehicles and tending to first aid needs.

Wilderness survival kits can help people who get lost while they are camping or hunting. The Guardian Hunters Survival Kit is meant for this specific situation. This kit contains food, water, and water purification tablets. If you aim to gather your own food, it also contains a fishing line, hooks, bobbers, and a multi-function knife. Light and heat sources, such as a flashlight, weatherproof matches, and an emergency sleeping bag, are all included in this kit, neatly packed in a camouflage backpack that has gun straps to keep your hands free. In addition, a bright orange flag is included to improve visibility to search parties.

Emergencyproductmall.com also offers bulk survival sleeping bags for people or companies that create their own survival kits. Survival sleeping bags are unique from regular sleeping bags in that they are meant for limited use but can fit in an extremely small space. This item is extremely high quality, retaining 90% of the occupants’ body heat and resisting wind and rain to increase survivability even when in inclement conditions for long periods of time.

Preparedness for emergencies is an admirable goal. Emergencyproductmall.com is proud to supply its customers with products that will help them accomplish his affordably. From automotive emergency kits to wilderness survival and everything in between, including survival sleeping bags, this new website can provide assistance in keeping their customers safe.

About The Company
Emergencyproductmall.com was founded on the idea that every person should be able to help his or her family survive the crucial 72-hour window that occurs between a natural disaster and when help arrives. They focus on both direct and business to business sales with the idea that a low markup will help other businesses pass the savings on to their customers.

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