Emergency Food USA Launches To Provide Disaster Preparedness Supplies To Americans

Emergency Food USA has been created to help individuals help themselves by being ready for the worst whenever it may come, and in whatever form it comes, with the sale of emergency supplies.

Throughout America, the trend of doomsday preppers has attracted national media attention, even eliciting its own documentary series. However, America is a place that endures regular tornadoes and storms, earthquakes, is home to the world’s largest super volcano in Yellowstone and nuclear power plants. As such, it is no surprise that people wish to be prepared when the worst happens. Emergency Food USA is a new online store launched to provide a wide range of disaster preparedness solutions at market leading prices.

After emergency situations like the hurricanes in New York, New Jersey and New Orleans, people went days without food or water. Emergency Food USA provides long life freeze dried food, water purification and storage devices, fuel and energy sources to ensure individuals can keep themselves self-sufficient until help arrives.

Their emergency food bucket comes with 120 servings of food, capable of keeping a single person well fed with essential nutrients for a month, or two people for two weeks. With 19 different delicious meals to choose from, there is no chance of getting bored.

All their foods are available for purchase through the online store, which offers detailed product descriptions, clear pricing, high quality imagery and easy and secure payment options to guarantee people can locate the products they want and have them shipped in no time at all.

A spokesperson for Emergency Food USA explained, “People buy life insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, home insurance… all predicated on the idea that if something goes wrong they will be ready to deal with it. Yet people don’t prepare themselves to deal with things that go wrong on a larger scale, and can have a more immediate and profound impact on their survival. We equip people with the means to do just that, providing emergency supplies that will enable people to survive disasters both natural and man-made.”

About Emergency Food USA:
Emergency Food USA has announced their grand opening. The online store sells freeze dried emergency food suitable for long term storage, to be used in the event of an emergency situation. These products are suitable for all people, and represent an ideal solution to self reliance, disaster preparedness, survival and more.

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Name: Ray Kish
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Organization: Emergency Food USA
Phone: 417-770-3407
Website: http://www.emergencyfoodusa.com/

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