Emerald Valley Natural Health is now the Exclusive Distributor of Speedi Beet for Horses in the United States

Emerald Valley Natural Health announces that they are now the Exclusive Distributor of Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet for Horses in the United States. Speedi-Beet is a natural beet pulp supplement for horses and is Laminitis Trust approved.

Emerald Valley Natural Health, Inc, a nationwide provider of equine natural supplements and feeds and other equine natural health products, announces that they are now the exclusive distributor of Speedi Beet in the United States. Speedi-Beet® is a natural beet pulp supplement for horses and is Laminitis Trust approved.

Manufactured by British Horse Feeds in the UK, Speedi-Beet® is a revolutionary sugar beet product that can be easily prepared and ready to use for horses in less than ten 10 minutes. "Other sugar beet products can take up to twenty four (24) hours to soak prior to being ready to use." said Cheryl Price, President, of Emerald Valley Natural Health, http://www.EmeraldValleyEquine.com. "Speedi-Beet products are convenient and advantageous to use for horse owners as it enables the owner or care taker to prepare the beet along with other feeds rather than having to plan far in advance."

Speedi-Beet® is a unique combination of high digestible fiber, low starch and sugars and increased palatability and flavor that is created during the Micronizing process. Micronizing is a cooking process using infra red rays producing rapid heating which rupture the cell walls of the flake leading to increased food conversion efficiency and improved fiber digestibility.

This results in a highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp supplement for horses that is a highly digestible fiber feed, with no added molasses that is 95% sugar free without any starch. And non GMO!

Speedi Beet has a prebiotic effect due to beet fiber, it helps to reduce dietary starch levels and provides an energy release along with improved nutrient availability due to the unique, patented cooking process.

"Speedi-Beet is a widely recognized brand across the world and is now available in 20 different countries." said Will I'Anson, Sales Director of British Horse Feeds, http://www.BritishHorseFeeds.com. "Now Speedi Beet is conveniently available in the United States from Emerald Valley Natural Health in Exeter, NH."
For more information about using Speedi-Beet for your horse or how to become a dealer or reseller, contact Emerald Valley Natural Health at http://emeraldvalleyequine.com or call Cheryl Price on 888-638-8262.

About Emerald Valley Natural Health:
Emerald Valley Natural Health in Exeter, NH has been caring for horses for over fifteen years and offers the highest quality and reliable all natural herbal supplements and topicals, specialty feeds, treats and mashes, including Speedi Beet. Their products have become highly recommended and regarded by veterinarians, nutritionists and farriers. Emerald Valley has been certified by the National Animal Supplement Council for Best Manufacturing. More info can be found on their website at www.EmeraldValleyEquine.com

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