Emerald Enterprises LLC Proudly Announces the Release of "The Misdiagnosed Child"

Beverly Butler's book and website assist parents struggling to help a child.

Emerald Enterprises LLC proudly announces the publication of The Misdiagnosed Child, released July 9, 2013. Consumers interested in this book find it is available in both print and Kindle versions at amazon.com. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, three to seven percent of children suffer from ADHD and parents often discover it is difficult to find ADHD help. "Although there are numerous ADHD books currently in print, many don’t address the topic in a helpful way and the same is true of books relating to ADD, child anxiety, OCD and many other medical conditions affecting children so I chose to write this book" Beverly Butler declares.

As a mother of a child with several neurobehavioral problems, Ms. Butler understands the frustration these parents feel. She spent 11 years searching for what made her daughter ill at the age of seven and The Misdiagnosed Child documents this journey, discoveries she made along the way and the treatment program she used to get her daughter on the path to being well again. Many parents feel they are alone when trying to find answers to help their children, but they aren't. "This journey taught me a great deal about ADHD and other neurobehavioral disorders in children, and I want to share this information with others so they can get the answers they need to help their own children suffering from one or more disorders of this type," Ms. Butler continues.

Although the above statistics state only three to seven percent of children have ADHD, parents actually report a much higher incidence rate, in the 9.5 percent range. Ms. Butler understands how difficult it can be to actually receive a diagnosis when dealing with ADHD children and many other childhood disorders. This may be especially true in states with a lower prevalence rate of parent-reported ADHD and other disorders. "My hope and desire in writing this book is that other families will be able to learn from my knowledge and experiences so their children don't have to suffer as my daughter did," Ms. Butler states.

Ms. Butler looks at the many factors which can influence a child's behavior, not just what the child is eating. Often, parents turn to supplements in an attempt to help children and Ms. Butler addresses these supplements on her website. Other topics covered on the website include autism, children and adult vitamins, stress reduction and more. "Parents face many challenges in life and, when one child has a disorder, the entire family may be affected. Parents need help understanding how they can maintain a balance in their lives and how best to help the child who is suffering.The Misdiagnosed Child and my website work to help families in these situations have a better quality of life in every respect," Ms. Butler exclaims.

About Emerald Enterprises LLC:
Emerald Enterprises LLC offers Beverly Butler's book, The Misdiagnosed Child. Beverly Butler spent years searching for answers to her daughter's problems and shares what she learned throughout this journey with others in this book. In addition, Ms. Butler maintains the website www.beverlybutler.com which provides articles discussing the latest findings and research concerning children with neurobehavioral problems. This site also discusses issues relating to the health of mothers and alternative medicine. Ms. Butler plans to further help mothers of children with these problems through a health coaching program and an inner circle club.

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