eMedical Shops Strives to Keep Health Care Costs Low in the Face of Price Increases

Medical supply product costs continue to rise at a rate of five to 15 percent as eMedical Shops strives to keep health care costs low.

Rising gas prices affect the cost of Medical clinic equipment or so many experts believe. Seniors appear to be hard hit by the increasing prices of this equipment as doctors have to offset the costs somewhere. According to fiftypluscaregivers.com, medical supply product costs have increased five to seven percent in certain categories while other categories have seen an increase of 15 percent and these increases are being seen in medical bills.

"Doctors and other medical professionals wish to provide the best care possible, yet must make enough to cover the cost of the supplies, insurance, overhead and many other things while still making a profit. With the help of eMedical Shops, this becomes slightly easier as we strive to keep costs to a minimum at all times," Scott Roweson, media spokesperson for eMedical Shops, states.

Whether one is looking for a blood drawing chair or a portable blood donor bed, eMedical Shops can be of help. The same holds true for reclining chairs, exam tables, supply carts and phlebotomy trays, among others. No matter what one needs, from dispensers to step stools, many turn to eMedical Shops to save money while obtaining the supplies needed.

"eMedical Shops understands that many changes will take place with the implementation of The Affordable Care Act and provides items at competitive prices to ensure practices are in compliance with laws and regulations at all times. The goal remains to provide stools and carts along with clinic equipment in a short period of time without a great deal of hassle," Roweson continues.

Due to the risk of biohazardous materials, many companies refuse returns on items associated with blood collection and yet eMedical Shops understands that a customer may find an item purchased doesn't meet his or her needs. "We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that covers any supply item sold by our company. We do charge a 30% restocking fee on those items used for blood collection purposes as certain components must be replaced by mandate. The only thing not covered by this guarantee is custom built products," Roweson explains.

Medical care must be of the highest quality at all times. "We at eMedical Shops understand this and work to ensure clients have the supplies needed to provide high quality care at reasonable prices. Visit our website today to see what we have to offer and how we may be of assistance to you," Roweson exclaims.

About eMedical Shops:
eMedical Shops understands changes will continue to take place thanks to the implementation of The Affordable Care Act and strives to provide medical practices with the items they want and need to keep up with these changes. From carts and chairs to goods and tables, they provide the items needed in a short period of time at competitive prices.

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