Emcee Fresh, Fast-Rising Hip-Hop Artist and Label Owner, is Making Waves in the US Music Industry as the Next Breakout Star

The Texas-based rapper and producer is determined to conquer the United States music industry with his grit, determination, skill, and collaborations, and he's taking his label to the top with him

There is a surge in the number of artists and independent labels saturating the music industry. Thanks to digital platforms and streaming services, it has never been easier for musicians to get their music out to the public. However, the increase in competition doesn’t make it easy to succeed in the US music industry by just putting out music. It takes passion, commitment, and skill to make a name for oneself in the industry. One of the few upcoming acts in the United States that understand this principle is Emcee Fresh.

Based in Houston, Texas, Lorenzo Bartholomew popularly known as Emcee Fresh is on course to becoming the next big thing in the US music industry. Unlike many of the folks starting a music career, Emcee seems to be on a different pedestal as he continues to set the bar high in the industry and in-everyday music domain with his delightful Hip-Hop melodies on his most recent releases.

One of Emcee’s advantages is a diverse voice which he used in three of his recent tracks: “Volume One,” “I'm from the ghetto,” and “Inspiration” to give absolutely dazzling hip-hop tracks, exhibiting his knowledge as an enthusiast. Some of Emcee Fresh’s tunes have gone viral such as “Do the Tik Tok” and “This Boy Got Game.” These tracks are interlaced, as most of his other songs, with social and contemporary components. With snappy and habit-forming snares and high-esteem creation, he has proactively bought a spot as a Hip-Hop devotee.

Emcee’s melodious knowledge and type as a musician are clear in every song he has released to date. He is laddering up his way to fame with hits one after another. As a performer, Emcee Fresh has profoundly immersed himself in the craft of giving the best captivating beats to the audience and members. He is a healthy rapper, and his most recent singles off Emcee Fresh Records have all gone viral with “Tha Hustle Don't Stop” and “New Money” trendy across digital platforms.

While he pursues his career, Emcee has also started his record label, Emcee Fresh Records. It serves as a channel for Emcee Fresh to connect and collaborate with other artists, sell CDs, audio production, graphics designs, media relations, video production, digital streaming, and other modern day label services. Together with Kamilah Hayes, Emcee Fresh scouts new talents and works with promising acts in the United States.

Aside from music and label duties, Emcee Fresh has released a collection of merchandise featured on a spread shop drop shipping platform for USPS deliveries with returning customers mirroring a great experience. There’s no stopping Emcee Fresh as it is clear he understands the industry and what it takes to overcome the temptation.

To learn more, follow Emcee Fresh on social media via:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamemceefresh/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamemceefresh/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/iamemceefresh/

About DBA Emcee Fresh Records

Emcee Fresh aka Lorenzo Bartholomew and Kamilah Hayes Co. started DBA Emcee Fresh Records in October 2022. DBA Emcee Fresh Records is a small independent record company that manufactures, sells, promotes, and distributes recordings of associated music artists. The label provides professional services that are geared towards advancing the artist’s career. They provide realistic planning, songwriting, showcasing, advertising, beat making, photography, and videography for artists.

For more information, email emceefreshrecords@gmail.com.

Contact Info:
Name: Lorenzo Bartholomew
Email: Send Email
Organization: Emcee Fresh Records
Phone: 1-281-626-4463
Website: https://www.emceefreshrecords.net/

Release ID: 89088858