eMart Hub Builder Allows eCom Marketers To Build Dropship Store And Import Products From Four Premium Marketplaces

If you are currently selling physical products as an affiliate, using a trading platform that requires you to pay a monthly fee, or thinking about getting started with physical products, then eMart Hub Builder is a perfect tool for you.

The problems that most eCom marketers are facing nowadays are the limitation of the products which they can import into their store and the difficulty when competing with other marketers sourcing their products in the same place. Keeping this in regard, eMart Hub Builder has launched a plugin which allows marketers to instantly create their eCommerce store and load it with products from Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Walmart.com with just a few clicks.

It is the only store builder to allow sourcing and importing from four of the top online marketplaces. Some of the most prominent and useful features available on eMart Hub Builder are:

• Marketers are allowed to mark-up product prices as they import them from eBay, Amazon, WalMart, and AliExpress, so they are ready to sell right after import. Moreover, users can choose how much each product is marked up
• The user can import product by using four options: selective import, schedule import at a certain date or time, import by ID/SKU, and the bulk import feature
• The plugin is integrated with Woocommerce so all major payment options are supported
• Marketers can easily insert FB pixel to use powerful retargeting features for more traffic and sales!
• eMart Hub Builder includes “floating cart” feature which helps users improve the buying experience and make more sales. As a result, visitors can see if they have products in their cart and quickly checkout.
• The plugin also offers multiple shipping options so that users can easily handle shipping prices if they want to collect shipping
Though these four marketplaces you are importing from offers free shipping. They ship directly to your customers.
• Marketers can get access to store stats instantly so that they know what their business look like.
• eMart Hub Builder includes Google Chrome extension allowing users do variation imports easily
With eMart Hub Builder, users will be able to fulfill the following things quite easily:
• Tap into the top four marketplaces for sourcing and importing products
• Get access to regular updates and support if you need any help along the way!
• Easily manage and run users’ store with all of the built-in features
• With eMart Hub Builder, marketers are in FULL control of their store
• Selling physical products with just a few simple steps and easily install, even if you do not have any technical skills
• No need to pay monthly fees to sites like Shopify that provide similar features

With eMart Hub Builder, users can build their eCommerce empire. And with more products to sell, they will have a massive advantage over their competition.

The bonuses being offered with eMart Hub Builder are simply astounding and make using the plugin a whole lot easier. Some of the bonuses are as follows:

Bonus 1: Free Updates For Life
Bonus 2: eMart Hub Premium Themes
Bonus 3: eCOM Autoresponder
Bonus 4: eCOM Affiliate Pro
Bonus 5: eCOM Styler
Bonus 6: eCOM Product Bundle
Bonus 7: eCOM Instagram Hub

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