Elo Kings Adds Additional Elite League of Legends Players to Elo Score Improvement Service

Elo Kings offers to improve gamers’ Elo ratings, thanks to their Diamond 5 players, in order to let them face more challenging players and enter ranked games against more challenging opponents.

League of Legends is a popular MMO game that is free to play, and attracts 7.5 million gamers at peak times. The game works by pitting people against other players and computer operated bots in matches designed to be challenging. In order to determine that challenge level, the game uses the Elo rating system first developed for chess, setting people against others with similar ability levels and experience. For many players who want to face more challenging opponents and therefore reap greater rewards, the only way is by gaming this system. Elo Kings is a website that specializes in achieving just that on behalf of clients, using elite players to improve a client’s user score.

The Elo boosting service is simple, and simply asks players to enter what level they are currently at and where they’d like to get to before being furnished with a quote, which allows their team of top players to set about performing the elo boost using their elite skills for an affordable fee.

The company also sells rare skins in a skin shop that allows people to use much sought after characterizations in the game. They also provide a coaching service that allows players to maintain the reputation they have bought with skills they can learn to stay ahead of the competition.

A spokesperson for Elo Kings explained, “The first 10 ranked games are worth four to five times more elo than the rest of the ranked placement matches afterwards (they are called placement matches). This is a game that is played professionally at the top levels and the ranked world is a lot more cut-throat, so gamers find their scores irreparably damaged by early encounters owing to their own naivety. By allowing us to help them gain a great Elo score, they can continue their gaming experience with maximum satisfaction.”

About Elo Kings:
Elo Kings is a global leader in League of Legends elo boosting services for NA, OCE, EUW, EUNE, TR, RUS and Garena servers. Formed in May 2013, they employ only the very best Diamond 5 to Challenger players to boost under the Elo Kings name. Some of their boosters are well known Top 30 Challenger players, and others are well-known streamers and e-athletes in the League of Legends professional and semi-professional scene.

Contact Info:
Name: Joe Bragg
Email: Send Email
Organization: Brandoutreach
Phone: (415) 632 1664
Website: http://www.elokings.net/

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