Elmhurst University’s MENP Program Makes It Possible for Anyone with a Bachelors Degree to Transition To Nursing

Whether it’s in business, marketing, finance or any other field, anyone with a bachelor’s degree can now switch to nursing with Elmhurst University’s online Master’s Entry in Nursing Practice (MENP) program.

Nursing is probably one of the most financially lucrative and rewarding fields with growing demand. In fact, the nursing field has grown tremendously in recent years, with hospitals and care homes that have an insatiable demand for qualified nurses.
In the past, transitioning from any other field to becoming a nurse was a long, time-consuming journey. Elmhurst University has paved a much shorter path to becoming a nurse with its online Master’s Entry in Nursing Practice (MENP) program. People with a non-nursing undergraduate degree can study to become a nurse, and all coursework is done almost entirely online. Students in the program attend one two-week residency at Elmhurst’s campus just northwest of Chicago and gain hands-on experience during clinicals at healthcare sites in their local area.

Upon completion, graduates can sit for the NCLEX-RN examination to become a licensed nurse and care for patients in communities across America.

Elmhurst University’s distance Master’s Entry in Nursing (MENP) program happens to be one of the first of its kind to be offered online. The 20-month program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in any non-nursing field who want to make the switch to nursing. The degree transitions students to their new careers with loads of future opportunities to improve and lead teams in one of the most rewarding careers.

Readers can find out more about Elmhurst University’s distance Master’s Entry in Nursing (MENP) degree by visiting the university’s website: https://onlinedegrees.elmhurst.edu/programs/online-masters-entry-program-nursing.

“The MENP degree is one of the best ways for anyone to make the switch to nursing. I have seen students who come in with a strong science background and previous healthcare experience be successful, but I have also seen students come in with art, dance, psychology, and criminal justice backgrounds and have enough passion and commitment to learning that they are successful, too,” said Laura Minarich, DNP, MENP program director at Elmhurst University.

She added, “Our MENP coursework is almost entirely online, with one campus visit and clinicals in your local area, and offers a fast-paced path to earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree in just 20 months. The program includes immersive educational experiences which emphasize hands-on clinical practice, with the focus on ensuring safety and quality. We also focus on the graduate component—the leadership portion—and students gain experience leading teams within nursing and healthcare settings.”

About Elmhurst University

Elmhurst is a not-for-profit, private online university. It is one of the leading providers of distance-based accelerated MENP degrees. The program enables anyone, regardless of their current field, to pursue a master’s degree in nursing in just 20 months.

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