Elliptical Consumers Publishes New Information on Exercise Machines

Consumers continue to debate over whether the elliptical or treadmill is the best exercise machine and new information helps to answer this question, reports EllipticalConsumers.com

Mayo Clinic recently entered the debate of treadmill or elliptical, weighing in with their opinion in a blog post written by Dr. Edward R. Laskowski, M.D., dated May 13, 2014. In this blog post, Dr. Laskowski highlights the similarities and differences between the two types of equipment, while also providing information on which is best for various activities. Consumers looking to purchase the best home cardio equipment for their health and well being need to take the time to review this post before they actually buy.

"Many feel overwhelmed when comparing the two machines as both offer the cardiovascular exercise users want and need. Although the treadmill remains the most common of the two, the elliptical continues to rise in popularity, as it offers a way to burn calories while increasing one's aerobic capabilities, just as the treadmill does. In fact, some opt to purchase both machines, as doing so allows him or her to change up their workout routine regularly to prevent boredom," Fredrick D. McMinn, spokesperson for Elliptical Consumers, Inc. (www.ellipticalconsumers.com), announces.

Ellipticals work best for those who suffer from knee pain, in most cases, as jogging may aggravate this condition. The individual needs to be thoroughly checked by a doctor, however, as both treadmills and ellipticals can make underlying knee problems like degenerative arthritis worse. Furthermore, one must be sure to use good posture at all times when using an elliptical, as this helps to prevent injuries. The user must keep the head up, the shoulders back, and abdominal muscles tight while looking forward when using this machine.

As McMinn points out, although ellipticals make use of repetitive motions, these actions won't hurt the joints. The body receives more of a workout, yet it doesn't feel it as working as hard, possibly allowing one to exercise longer and receive more health benefits. One must take care, however, when choosing a machine, as many are lacking the range of settings now found on the majority of treadmills.

Individuals planning to run a marathon find the treadmill better meets their needs, while those who need cross-training find an elliptical is best for them. The elliptical offers low-impact exercise and places less stress on the back, hips and knees, and one can exercise both the arms and legs. One also finds they have the ability to pedal in reverse on an elliptical, changing up the workout while exercising hamstring and calf muscles.Furthermore, when constantly walking on a treadmill, the user's body burns extra calories because the body is continuously being pushed to the limits.

"Treadmills, in contrast, place more stress on the body, yet harness energy while doing so. A user must move his or her arms to get the full body workout seen with an elliptical, yet the treadmill tends to be more versatile. In addition, the treadmill promotes good bone strength and muscle mass and the body's natural movements are imitated when using this device. Try both today. This remains the best way for a person to decide which machine meets their needs," McMinn declares.

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