Elliptical Consumers, Inc. Releases Brand New, Up-to-the-Minute Buying Guide

New in-depth guide will help broad range of consumers pick perfect elliptical machines.

Fitness media outlet Elliptical Consumers, Inc. announced the availability of its new buying guide for those interested in purchasing elliptical trainers. The comprehensive guide covers everything first-time buyers will need to know and also includes a number of tips and strategies for more experienced owners who are considering a second or later purchase. One of a number of free resources available at the company's site, the guide takes into account the latest developments in the market and is therefore one of the freshest and most useful available.

"Serving as such an important destination for consumers interested in buying elliptical exercise machines," company representative Fredrick D. McMinn said, "we receive a lot of questions from those who have no previous experience with the subject. Our new, up-to-the-minute guide is designed to answer those questions and many more." Headquartered on the web at www.ellipticalconsumers.com, Elliptical Consumers, Inc. provides some of the deepest, most objective reviews of elliptical trainers available anywhere. It covers a broad range of these devices, including high-end machines produced by manufacturers like Sole that are normally associated with professional-quality equipment.

First introduced by manufacturer Precor in 1995, elliptical trainers have been growing in popularity with fitness enthusiasts ever since. A key feature is that they offer users a very low-impact workout, a marked contrast to running, traditional treadmills, and many other forms of exercise. This can them make more useful to those with existing joint problems and may also help to keep such issues from developing in healthy people. At the same time, the low-impact nature of workouts on elliptical trainers contributes to an overall lower level of perceived effort among users, which may lead them to engage in more intense, and therefore productive, exercise sessions. Studies by the University of Missouri and others, in fact, have found that users of elliptical machines often reap a wide variety of health benefits comparable to those experienced through notably more difficult-seeming workouts of other sorts.

"The market for home-based elliptical trainers can be a confusing place," McMinn continued, "and we're focused on sorting through the many options and giving the best ones the recognition they deserve." In addition to the full-sized elliptical machines that many are familiar with, the company also reviews and collects information on compact ellipticals and space saving ellipticals. Machines of these designs can be especially useful for consumers who do not have much in the way of excess space at home, and many today are built to standards that allow for reliable, productive workouts. The company's new buying guide, available for free at its web site, covers these issues and more.

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Providing up-to-date, in-depth, unbiased information about home-based elliptical trainers, Elliptical Consumers, Inc. is one of the most valuable resources of its sort on the Internet. It hosts a wide variety of reviews and guides aimed at helping consumers of every level of knowledge make the best possible buying decisions.

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