Ellen Starr Psychotherapy Celebrates 27 Years Serving Toronto

Ellen Starr is proud to announce she has been helping patients at her Toronto practice for over 27 years. She specializes in couples, marriage and relationship therapy, psychotherapy, individual therapy, and sexual therapy.

Ellen Starr is proud to announce she has been helping patients at her Toronto practice for over 27 years. She specializes in couples, marriage and relationship therapy, psychotherapy, individual therapy, and sexual therapy. Her goal is to provide a safe environment for individuals and couples to explore their feelings and resolve past and current problems.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to help people identify the hidden and underlying causes of stress, frustration, depression, problems at work, or other issues creating concern in their current life. Psychotherapy explores and examines past and present aspects of an individual’s or couple’s life to find specific dynamics causing the problems. It is from these dynamics Ms. Starr is able to assist people in recognizing important events and resolving them in an empathic, secure, and safe, yet nonjudgmental environment. Once these hidden dynamics are properly identified, Ellen Starr guides people as they start to recognize the grip their issues have on their current life, how they can make better decisions, and how to build a better future no longer repeating their past.

Psychotherapy is beneficial for any part of one’s life which makes a person feel unsatisfied. Therapy helps strengthens relationships, improves self-esteem, and makes it possible to understand why certain events cause specific feelings or emotional states, as well as help start the healing process to overcome past and current traumatic events. There are numerous areas of focus psychotherapy sessions can explore, and Ms. Starr works directly with her clients to identify those that are of the most concern, such as bereavement, mood and self-esteem problems, depression and anxiety disorders, romantic relationship issues, problems in personal and family relationships, work related concerns, female and male fertility concerns, chronic illnesses, and more.

Couples therapy is beneficial in situations where one person feels the relationship is not equally balanced or there are communication issues. One of the biggest reasons couples split is often due to not being able to effectively communicate with one another in such a manner where the other person is unable to express empathy for their partner. Ineffective communication frequently leads to other problems between the couple, further increasing tension and stress at home. Ellen Starr recommends couples therapy as part of pre-marital counseling, too, so the newly engaged couple can start their new life together by learning the effective methods of communication.

Sexual therapy is one of the most intimate topics Ellen Starr is not afraid to help people with, as it is often terrifying for them. She offers one-on-one counseling sessions as well as couples sessions depending upon the nature of the problem and effects it is having on current relationships in the person’s life. She offers specific therapy topics for men and women, such as low or no sexual desire, painful intercourse, sexual identity issues, ejaculatory issues, sexual arousal and orgasmic concerns, sexual abuse, and relationship therapy. Ms. Starr even assists people with Internet pornography addictions.

Ellen Starr has more serving the GTA for more than 27 years through her private practice in Toronto with a focus on sexual therapy, couples counseling, marriage therapy, and individual psychotherapy. Her highest priority is to provide her clients with a secure, empathetic, and safe environment for them to explore their feelings, issues and concerns where they will not be judged in order to help them understand and resolve their issues in a productive manner.

When Ms. Starr is not providing psychotherapy services for clients in her Toronto office, she enjoys being a guest speaker at various events, like speaking about human sexuality for Hadassah, Moms in the City, and B’nai Brith. Ellen also writes and publishes articles about human sexuality, psychological, and relationship topics in her spare time which have been featured in Today’s Parent, the Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, and the Toronto Star.

To learn more about the services available from Ellen Starr visit her website at www.ellenstarrpsychotherapy.com and read her motivation letters on different therapy topics or to schedule an initial consultation appointment, phone her directly at 416-488-3102 today.

About Ellen Starr

Ellen Starr received a master’s degree in psychology and human development from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. She also studied at the Kinsey Institute with a focus on human sexuality. Ms. Starr is a registered marital and family therapist (RMFT) and a clinical member of the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family. She has provided her services for numerous locations in the GTA, like the Branson Hospital, the Jewish Family and Child Services of Toronto, and Planned Parenthood.

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