Elk Grove Ford Reveals Tips for Choosing the Perfect New or Used Car

Considering primary needs is a key to homing in on the perfect vehicle, reports Elk Grove Ford.

Despite the prevalence of cars, buying a new one is still a long and confusing process for many people. This is mainly because there are so many choices. Using a systematic approach makes the process much easier and gives a great chance of obtaining a good result.

"Every car company seems to be offering some sort of great deal or touting features like power, reliability, and safety," noted Mike Bhatia of Elk Grove Ford. "Unfortunately, there are so many ads that would-be buyers end up confused instead of guided."

Despite the millions of dollars spent on automobile advertising, the best thing for consumers to do in the first stages is ignore it all. "People looking for a new Ford in Sacramento are best off considering their actual needs first," Bhatia said. "For example, if you have a family of 6 to transport, you shouldn't be swayed by slick ads for sportscars or compacts. Consumers should also resist the temptation to take a car that's a bit too small or too big just to get in on a limited time offer or low payments."

Once a would-be car buyer decides on which size and type of vehicle to look at, then it's time to watch for ads for that style of car or truck. "Ads are great helpers once someone decides just what style of car to get," Bhatia said. "At that stage, watching for advertising is a great way to find out about deals and to learn about some of the differences between similar-looking makes and models."

Advertising, of course, is designed to make the featured vehicles seem great. It's a good source of positive information, but before choosing a car, buyers should look for neutral reviews as well. Companies like Edmunds can predict things like value retention, expected reliability, and other such important factors. A good strategy lets ads point out possible cars of interest and then uses objective facts to narrow the field.

"After prospective buyers narrow down the selection to two or three candidates, it's time to take test drives," explained Bhatia. "No amount of reviews or up-close pictures can take the place of getting behind the wheel. Test drives will allow vehicle seekers to directly experience the vehicle's driveability, its comfort levels, and other essential factors."

Another thing prospective buyers should keep in mind is that new cars aren't the only option. Used cars in Sacramento can range from almost new to vintage, and even almost-new ones can be significantly more affordable than their fully-new counterparts.

"When looking at used cars, the best way to ensure that the vehicle will provide many years of trouble-free service is to choose one that's been Ford Certified Pre-Owned. These vehicles have had 172-point inspections, come with limited warranties, and even come with an independent vehicle history report."

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