Elite Custom Glass Prevents Injuries with Tempered Glass Table Tops

Consumers feel confident using tempered glass in a wide variety of applications reports Elite Custom Glass.

A study conducted by Children's Hospital Boston, in 2009, found that glass-topped tables resulted in 20,000 serious injuries every year and yet many of these injuries could be prevented with the use of tempered glass. Tempered glass shatters into many small pieces, rather than large, jagged ones which basically act as knives. "Consumers often mistakenly believe this type of glass only comes in limited colors and textures, yet this isn't the case," Matt Doll of Elite Custom Glass explains.

Home furnishings making use of custom tempered glass include tables, shelves and some fireplaces. Tempered glass comes in colors such as blue, frosted, gray, bronze and rain glass. Once a color has been selected, consumers determine if the chosen color comes in the appropriate thickness. Table top tempered glass typically comes in 3/8" or 1/2" glass as this provides the furnishing with more strength, and this thickness is often found in shower doors and shelves. "Customers need to consider the thickness of the glass when choosing a table top as thinner glass may not be sufficient to prevent injury," Doll continues.

Once the color and thickness have been selected, consumers need to determine the appropriate shape and dimensions of the table top to ensure glass is properly cut. "All glass pieces cut by Elite Custom Glass meet ASTM industry standards for tolerance, length and width to ensure customers receive nothing less than the best on every purchase," Doll declares.

Consumers find they have a choice when it comes to edgework on their table top. Options include flat polish, seamed edge and pencil polish and edgework options are also offered. "The final step of the process is reserved for those tables which will have an umbrella or other decorative item placed in the center. Holes may be drilled in this type of glass for this purpose and this step will be handled by Elite Custom Glass before shipping. In addition, if a tempered tag is needed on the table top or other glass item, this needs to be selected during the ordering process as tempered glass doesn't come with this type of tag unless specifically requested," Doll goes on to say.

To ensure continuity in home decor, Custom Elite Glass offers mirror glass and ceramic fireplace glass along with glass for many other possible uses. " From decorative cabinets to windows and shelving, customers find many uses for tempered glass throughout the home. As this type of glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass, clients feel comfortable using it in a wide variety of applications," Doll states.

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