Elite Backdrops Introduces A Range Of High Quality Free Digital Backdrops

EliteBackdrops.com is offering free samples of their high definition digital backdrops for photographers and graphic designers, to unleash the true potential of their photography.

Photography is a booming art form, and is one of the most popular forms of media on the internet. The reason for this is perhaps the old adage that an image tells a thousand words, but that potential has been increased still further by the age of digital manipulation, which has created its own form of art. Elite Backdrops offers digital photographers and artists the ability to transform the context of their photography to make their shots more exciting, rich and rewarding. The company has just released a select sample of free digital backdrops to help people see what a difference they can make.

By using Photoshop to crop individuals out of their original surroundings, digital backdrops allow designers and photographers to quickly change the context of the image and drop in a background that enhances the feel of the shoot. Whether lightning for dynamic go-getters or blue skies and beautiful clouds for newlyweds, Elite Backdrops has it all.

The new collection of free backgrounds for photography has been designed as an introduction to their digital backgrounds for those who may be just starting out or thinking of migrating from a competitor, and includes a selection of their most creative and intriguing backdrops to play with.

A spokesperson for Elite Backdrops explained, “Our customer service is second to none, and our free gallery is part of our continuing commitment to help customers understand the value of our services by letting them see the potential for themselves. Using these free samples, people can see how an image can be transformed with the use of textured studio backgrounds and themed high concept backgrounds to add serious production value to a shoot that simply could not be achieved through traditional in-camera means.”

About Elite Backdrops: Regionally headquartered in Belgium and serving the global community, Elite Backdrops was founded in 2004 under the principle of providing the industry with the latest, most cutting edge high resolution backdrops available. Elite Backdrops has 1,000’s of high quality digital backdrops for photography, hobbyists or graphic designers. Backdrops can be used with chroma-key or a green screen or specialized software which enables the user to cut out figures and insert them into different settings.

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