Eleven Entrepreneurs Release "Courageous World Catalysts II" Sharing Stories of Struggle and Triumph and Become International Best Sellers

Anthology book, "Courageous World Catalysts II," spreads hope, motivation and inspiration worldwide through eleven impactful stories and hits international #1 best seller in the USA, UK, France and Australia.

Courageous World Catalysts II,” compiled and lead by Law of Attraction business and book coach, Vickie Gould, which includes the stories of eleven successful entrepreneurs, hit #1 internationally on Amazon September 19, 2018. The book achieved #1 status in the USA, UK, France and Australia, and hit #2 in Canada. Gould has now helped 91 people become best sellers in the last two years of assisting and encouraging individuals to share their stories in a way that will inspire, motivate and create positive change in the world.

Gould shares the reason the book was put together, “We as a group of entrepreneurs know how struggle is a part of success, but holding on to the vision of the life and business you want will keep you focused to get there. All too often we only see people’s successes. We wanted to share what we went through on our journeys so other wouldn’t feel alone.”

As the book is described on Amazon, “Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough? Obstacles were to huge? That your dreams were too big for you to tackle? Many of us feel that way as we enter the world of entrepreneurship. Usually we see everyone’s celebrations and highlight reels and think, ‘Can I do that?’

If you want to hear the true stories behind what entrepreneurs have overcome in order to become successful, you’ll be inspired by these stories and maybe even given a new perspective to kick yourself in the pants and follow your dreams.”

Courageous World Catalysts II is Co-Authored by:

Vickie Gould – Law of Attraction Business and Book Coach
Jay Diamond – Pleasure and Intimacy Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker
Sally Dibden – Founder of The Wellbeing Consultants, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Physiotherapist
Lori Granito – Business Mentor and Strategist, Success Coach, 4 x TEDx Speaker, Founder of Legendary Coaching and the Boss Lady Millionaires Club
Angela Irwin – Life Coach, TEDx Speaker, Founder of Joyful Life Solutions
Dijana Jovanoska, PhD – Business Consultant, Personal Coach, Author
Lisa Nielsen, Benefit Specialist and Educator
Jane Richardson, PhD – Communication Consultant, Expert Witness & Author
Merav Richter – Vivacious Shero for Brave Ecstatic Living. Author, Performer, Advocate
Brandi Stephens – Resiliency Coach, Speaker, Educator
Beverly Walthour – TV & Radio Show Host, Business Strategist, Speaker, and Author

Reviewer Rachel Harris shared her thoughts on the book, “So motivating without being overwhelming or daunting. Often these kind of personal stories make us feel we could never be like the authors, but here we can feel that these are real people, like you and me. The short stories, as opposed to one long text makes it easily readable for busy people! Made my day getting this book and quickly wolfed down a story or three on the first day!”

Vickie Gould is a certified Law of Attraction business and book coach who has studied under Joe Vitale and is currently coached by Lisa Nichols. Using her signature holistic strategy, she helps her clients write best selling books that share their stories impactfully, grow their following, turn readers into clients, increase their income, and make the worldwide impact that they desire.

Vickie is now the author of 9 international best-selling books like "Hit Publish!" and "Standing in the Gap." She has been featured in Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Thrive Global and YFS Magazine, amongst others. She has also been on numerous podcasts and previously published an online magazine.

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