Elektronische Sigaretten Ervaring Publishes Reviews of Netherlands’ Top E-Cigarettes

Elektronische Sigaretten Ervaring has been reviewing the latest E-cigarettes for some time, and has now produced a top three recommended brands of 2014 on the basis of their testing.

Cigarettes have been through a curious evolution, from a novelty to a mainstay, from a health product to a luxury, to a socio-economic burden, and increasingly to a narcotic poison- science and research has changed our perspective on the behavior and those that undertake it are feeling the pressure around the globe. The Netherlands is the latest place to opt for alternatives to traditional combustible smoking, and technology is providing a way. The E-Cigarette that has become increasingly popular throughout America and the UK is now hitting Holland, and the Dutch site Elektronische Sigaretten Ervaring is reviewing the products to let users know which is best.

The site has identified three top producers of electronic cigarettes available in Holland, and has treated each to a comprehensive review, using a star rating system out of ten to evaluate their technical capacity, a long-form editorial to discuss the product in use and their findings. The site uses a video in which the product is reviewed to provide a visual reference to its operation, and a conclusion.

Of the three brands, the eGo Smoker Pro takes the coveted top spot, owing to its easy refills, economic use of vapor, great taste, durability and ease of use. Though slightly more expensive relative to the other two contenders, the site explains that its value is unmatched by the competition.

A spokesperson for Elektronische Sigaretten Ervaring explained, “We are proud to be providing this service to the people of the Netherlands, as we understand that the social pressures as well as the health concerns surrounding typical combustible cigarettes are now getting too much to bear, but for smokers, the act of smoking is a ritual act of relaxation that many simply cannot do without. E-cigarettes have provided a cleaner, less disruptive way of smoking that can even be enjoyed indoors, and the eGo Smoker Pro has taken this concept and perfected it. Our updated reviews for 2014 show consumers where they should be looking for a good e-cigarette experience.”

About Elektronische Sigaretten Ervaring:
Elektronische Sigaretten Ervaring is an electronic cigarette review site written in Dutch for the benefit of the people of the Netherlands, helping them to identify the best and worst brands of e-cigarette and make informed consumer decisions. The site is regularly updated and has recently published its top three e-cigarette providers.

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