Electric Shock Chair Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2024

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Global Electric Shock Chair Market

Death penalties have always been a topic of discussion. Countries all over the world try to avoid death penalties unless it is a heinous crime which requires severe punishment to instill fear among people. Unless and until people do not fear while operating major crimes, the crime rates are bound to increase day and night. One such method that has been used throughout the world is the electric shock chairs.

The electric chairs have been a thing of past but are still used in many nations across the world. In the most common aspect, the chair personifies death and arouses sensible decision-making abilities in people. Public executions have bred fear, and people all over the world fear the chair by a significant amount. But the chair has not limited its application to death penalties. The electric shock chair has been used to entertain children with very low currents being passed on to the recipients’ bodies.

The global electric shock chair market clocked an annual figure of xx million dollars in the year 2018. The compound annual growth rate registered by the market is xx percent for the period 2019-2025. The annual sales are expected to fall as countries all over the world are considering the death penalties through electric chairs.


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Factor affecting the growth prospect

Several factors have recently come up regarding the death penalties through the electric chairs. The human right activists oppose the use of electric shocks as the method is inhumane at the very least. This has affected the global electric shock chair market more profoundly as a lot many countries have already discarded the methodology to punish criminals.

On the other hand, the electric shock chairs used by children for recreational purposes has been a prime concern of parents all over the world. A slight mistake can cost an innocent life and hence, is avoided by parents as much as possible. These factors combined have affected the growth of the electric shock chair market by a great extent, and the industry is moving in a downward spiral.


Key Players of Global Electric Shock Chair Market –

The electric shock chair market represents a huge industry and is affected by a slew of factors. There are more than 14 major companies that have manufacture and market the product throughout the world. Some of the most prominent names in the industry are Actiu, Senator, Ahrend, Rosconi, Manerba and Albion Chairs. These companies have been in the electric shock chair market for decades now and know what works and what does not. The decrease in demand for the chairs has affected these players the most. Hence the companies have been trying hard to keep their offerings relevant according to recent times.

Several factors affect the growth prospects of the industry. Based on the product type, the segment can be divided into two major categories - semi-automatic and fully automatic. The device is a standard product in adventure parks and has reserved a spot for itself in gaming arenas, workspaces and other public environments.


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