Electric Saver 1200 Reduces Power Bills Up to 25%

Okeechobee, FL - www.ElectricSaver1200.com announced a new, American-manufactured electrical product for homeowners that helps reduce the inefficiency of motors in the home. The product results in lower power bills, longer-lasting appliances, and protection from power surges and spikes.

When motor-driven appliances are powered on, they draw a larger current than necessary, due to inefficiencies in the power line. The further away from the main transformer the motors are located, the greater the loss of wattage, due to dissipation in the line. Induction motors that use large, copper wire coils are drawing in and storing excessive power when they are used; this power is billed to the customer as part of their total usage.

To solve this problem in commercial distribution of electricity, the power companies relied on banks of large capacitors that absorb the excess wattage and store it for future use, resulting in consistent power levels and reduced waste. Homeowners have not been able to take advantage of this solution until recently.

The Electric Saver works similarly to how the power company's capacitors work. It is installed at the electrical panel, or directly on each large motor in the home. The electrical draw is then regulated, and the excessive current is stored where it can be recycled when needed. The unit also serves as a high-grade power filter and surge protector, ensuring that users' appliances are shielded from damaging spikes. By reducing the heat and power consumption of induction motors around the house, appliances deliver a longer service life with fewer electrical failures.

With the Electric Saver 1200, customers have seen financial savings of up to 25% on their power bills, with most customers seeing an average of 15 to 20% lower bills. In a typical, mid-sized household, the savings from the Electric Saver 1200 Price will pay for the unit after 18 months. Customers not only enjoy lower bills, but they are contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing wasted power and generating less heat.

Installation is easy, and can be done safely with no experience and minimal tools. Most customers are able to install the unit in less than thirty minutes. The product features compatibility with 50/60Hz or 110, 220, or 240v electrical systems worldwide, and also complies with solar systems.

Backed by a 20-year warranty on workmanship and quality defects, and a 1 year money back guarantee, customers can buy with confidence and begin saving electricity. Customers who wish to learn more can visit www.ElectricSaver1200.com.

About www.ElectricSaver1200.com

The company was formed in Okeechobee, Florida, with a mission to help the world save money by conserving the planet's resources. Residential and commercial units are manufactured and serviced in the United States, and sold at an affordable price to encourage global adoption.


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