eLearning Industry's Got A New Editor

The world's leading knowledge-sharing platform introduces updates to its Article Editor feature, allowing contributors greater freedom when uploading and submitting articles.

eLearning Industry is a popular online platform that allows users to share knowledge with other people from all over the world. Anyone can become a contributor, giving individuals a chance to compose and upload articles on their chosen subject. The platform employs an Article Editor feature where all the contributors can look over their projects and publish them to the site. Recent updates to the platform have included a mass overhaul of the Article Editor, introducing some brand new features that make life easier for everyone involved.

Writers now have more freedom when editing articles and can access help from the eLearning Industry at the click of a button. The platform believes this new editor will improve the quality of the content and help draw more eyes to the contributors' hard work.

A New User Interface

The updated Article Editor comes with a brand new user interface that transforms the way writers can view their work. The eLearning Industry recognized that a lot of writers struggled with the old interface. It used to be quite cluttered, making it hard to find specific features and elements. Now, everything is much cleaner and stripped-down, offering a sleek interface that anyone can use.

Alongside this, the new interface allows writers to preview articles before they're sent off for reviews. It gives an accurate view of what the article will look like if it's published. This lets people make some final tweaks to ensure the content fits the page and doesn't look out of place.

Help At The Click Of A Button

The whole premise of the eLearning Industry is to share knowledge. As such, this concept extends to the new Article Editor via a Help Center. This is a new feature that lets writers seek help regarding their work. It includes FAQs, pre-loaded tips, and full access to an extensive Knowledge Base. The thought process behind this is that it will help contributors improve their work in different ways. With the Help Center, individuals can get expert advice and knowledge from people that know best. The eLearning Industry suggests it could help writers improve the SEO and readability of articles, and much more.

About eLearning Industry

eLearning Industry is the largest knowledge-sharing platform in the world. It's a publishing platform that delivers exceptional content from industry professionals across the globe. The idea is that eLearning professionals can access all of this content to aid with their online studies. It's seen as an online directory for businesses, providing tailored content for many different sectors. As of right now, eLearning Industry caters to thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations. The new Article Editor is the latest in a long line of updates designed to enhance the user experience and take the platform to the next level.

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