Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supplies Encourages Name Brand Research Before Tattoo

Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supplies offers advice for customers seeking 1st tattoos.

According to industry statistics, more than 21,000 tattoo parlors currently operate in the US, with nearly half of those receiving tattoos stating the reputation of the parlor is the most important factor when deciding where to get a tattoo. The popularity of television shows such as "Inked" and a litany of spin-offs have improved the image of tattoo parlors says Dee Prescott, spokesperson for Eikon Device, a tattoo equipment and supply company.

"The tattoo parlor is no longer the dark, biker spot where one goes to secretly have a tattoo done. We now supply ink and supplies to some of the top salons across Canada and the US and you'd never suspect from the outside they were tattoo parlors. The general public has changed their perception about the tattoo parlor, realizing it's actually a professional, artistic career."

Prescott offers advice to the novice considering a tattoo, suggesting they check out the facility first, making sure the salon using top notch equipment and supplies. Prescott continues, saying, "The salon using top notch equipment like an Eikon Laconia Tattoo Machine gives off a better impression than one using a no-name machine. It gives a new tattoo customer peace of mind knowing the salon they've chosen is a place using quality equipment."

He also advises new customers to find a salon offering quality after-care products with name brands such as PurTect and SimpleShield to provide quality care at home, too. "Once you get home from the salon, it's difficult to find quality products to care for your tattoo, so you're at the hands of the products offered by the tattoo salon. Make sure they offer you a good selection to choose from, so when you head home, you can properly take care of your tattoo. Not only should they provide you with quality after-care products, but medical supply products, too. Ointments, bottles, bandages, it should all be there. While it shouldn't scare you, it should look like they're prepared to help you should they need to."

With artwork sometimes costing between $500-$600 for 90 minutes worth of time, it's no wonder, consumers want to be so cautious about the salons they choose and the products used for their tattoos, says Prescott. "Customers want to make sure the salons they go to choose the best source for tattoo supplies."

About Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supplies:
Started in 1994, working out of a small garage, manufacturing the first needle specifically designed to meet the needs of tattoo artists, the company has expanded into a full service tattoo supply company with over 40 employees operating out of a 20,000 square foot facility. The company prides itself on the Eikon branded products and the products they distribute, including being the #1 source for tattoo ink, delivering quality and innovation at an affordable price.

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