Ehud Segev’s Online Mentalizer Education Program Attracts Tens of Thousands

Mentalist’s Ehud Segev free online program attracts tens of thousands of new members over the last few months.

Mentalizer Education, an online initiative launched by world renowned mentalist Ehud Segev through his official website (, has attracted a massive crowd of interested participants. Mentalizer Education is a subscriber-only program that unlocks a wealth of information related to mind skills, reading others’ behavior, and body language. The program was launched a couple of years ago, creating an interface between the deep world of mentalism, and high-level learning needs for people who needed to empower themselves.

Popularly known as the Mentalizer (Mental Analyzer), Ehud Segev is one of the most famed mentalists globally. Throughout his career, he has held multiple positions as an entertainer, actor and performer, traveling the world and thrilling crowds during high-profile social events. In recent times, Ehud Segev has entertained guests at a party that involved some of the richest businesspeople in Bulgaria, performed in Delhi and Boston. The Mentalizer’s career begin at an early age when he was barely 12 years old. As a young boy, he didn’t spend his time playing with all the neighborhood kids. He was somehow unique and had a slightly deeper interest in the universe. Ehud spent hours on end reading cryptic texts on mysticism, body language and spiritualism at the town library. By the time, he was 16, his special ability to connect to the universe was already evident, and the teenager was becoming increasingly popular. At 19 years old, Ehud Segev successfully predicted the winners in a mayoral political contest, relying only on faces for reference. This accurate prophecy surprised to many and attracted national (in Israel) and global media attention to the young talent.

Ehud is known for his ability to connect to nature, ready minds, silently listen to people’s thoughts, decode human behavior, and bend a spoon. Yes! Ehud has been on record bending spoons and pulling off some other incredible feats on national TV. He has made appearances on major broadcasting channels, including Fox, The History Channel, and NBC, where he was part of a hit show known as ‘Phenomenon’. Ehud emphasizes that his special skills are neither magic nor powers. He argues that his capabilities are a special demonstration of the innate powers of the human mind. Through his Mentalizer Education program, Mr. Segev teaches ordinary people to master skills such as body language, and other mental skills that can empower them and enhance their influence in life.

Ehud is also a top author. In recent times, he has published a number of books that made it to bestseller status on These include “9 Steps to Influence”, and “Secrets of the Voice”, all of which provided a wealth of information on skills that ordinary people can master and use to empower themselves. Ehud’s influence in the mentalism community appears to be skyrocketing. He has managed to garner a massive Facebook audience, and earn massive publicity for his performance and training. Users who are interested in his online mentalism training can join through his website –

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