Ehud Segev Looking Forward to More American Performances This Year

Mentalist Ehud Segev is booked for multiple American performances this year.

Ehud Segev, one of the most talented mentalists in the world, has revealed a busy schedule ahead of multiple performances in the U.S this year. Popularly known as the Mentalizer (Mental Analyzer), Ehud has made a name for himself as an outstanding entertainer with a track record that speaks for itself. Earlier this year, Ehud conducted an electric show in India’s capital, New Delhi, where thousands of Indians acclaimed his work and showered him with positive commentary on social media.

Ehud Segev is a skilled performer who was born in the Israeli city of Safed in 1979. Since the 16th century, Safed has been an important city in Hebrew history. It was home to most of the great Rabbis and scholars who studied and taught the secrets of Kabbalah, a key school of thought native to Judaism. This is where Ehud Segev began his journey. By the time he was a 12-year schoolboy in Upper Galilee, Ehud was an extraordinary young boy. Rather than spend all his time playing like the rest of his age-mates, he spent time at the local library reading books on non-verbal communication, mind reading, mysticism and other cryptic subjects. At one time, Ehud’s librarian was so alarmed at the young boy that he required him to come with a signed permission from his mother.

During his early-to-late teenage, Ehud became immensely popular. A newspaper article titled ‘The Prophecy’ once chronicled how the young Ehud had been able to predict the winner in a mayoral contest, provided only with a few details about the contestants. Most people across Israel believed that he was ‘supernatural’. But when asked about it, Ehud revealed that his art was purely mentalism. By releasing and using the innate power of the human mind, he’d been able to foresee the winners.

Following this incredible milestone, Ehud traveled the world, performing in major shows across the United States, the UK, Israel and many other countries. With a few other entertainers, he was later awarded an exclusive contract with the US army whereby he would be required to entertain service members in faraway bases around the world. Ehud performed so well that he was awarded the prestigious Eb-1 classification. This is a distinct award that’s given to individuals who have risen to the very top of their trade. It enabled him to hold US citizenship.

While responding to press queries after his Bangkok performance, Ehud’s Mentalizer Promotion Team said, “Mr. Segev has nailed it again in a completely new city. Over the years, we have all seen him travel to cities as distant as New York, as rare as Sofia, and as blessed as Tel Aviv, to unleash his art. Bangkok is a great addition to this list. In recent times, we have been receiving many calls and emails seeking to make a booking. That’s probably good news for the team. But it means that the Mentalizer will be working very hard throughout the year. Interestingly enough, most of the new bookings scheduled for later this year are in American cities! Stay tuned for more.”

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