eHolisticHealth takes new strategic approaches to Holistic Health Care with its Foundations of True Health Building

Holistic Health Center Incorporates a Comprehensive Approach to Building True Health

eHolisticHealth, a leading health center headquartered in Louisiana, is taking a strategic approach to holistic health care based on its Foundations of True Health Building.

While there are more than 30,000 named diseases, true health is more than the temporary alleviation of the symptoms associated with these disorders.

“If and when a health disorder occurs in your life it is always because of a breakdown somewhere in the these Foundations,” said Dr. Eric Snow. “If we are to restore and maintain your health it will be because these same Foundations are again functioning properly.”

eHolisticHealth’s comprehensive approach includes the following Foundations of True Health Building:

● Nervous System Health – learn to increase communication between the nervous system and all other systems of the body.

● Digestive Health - Poor digestion can lead to many illnesses, many of which are misdiagnosed and untreated.

● Immune Challenges – Building up bodily defenses to respond to stressors and the rigors of daily life.

● Endocrine Health – Hormones are the body’s most powerful control system and when balanced activate the body’s systems of repair and healing.

● Adrenal Balance – Properly reducing stress from unhealthy lifestyle habits, immune burdens and emotions and is essential to promoting health.

● Nutrient Balance – Organic minerals and trace minerals are pivotal in virtually every metabolic body function and need balancing.

● Circulatory Health – Blood carries essential nutrients to all body cells and brings waste products back for purification.

● Purification – Toxins from the environment, food additives and various items disguised as food, can over-burden the system.

● Healthy Lifestyle – Living a lifestyle in harmony with nature and Natural Laws helps one to achieve their fullest health potential.

Of the health center’s approach to achieving true health, eHolisticHealth Founder Dr. Eric Snow D.C. said, “True health will only be achieved when the Foundations of True Health Building have been assessed and strengthened.” Dr. Eric Snow has an extensive holistic health care background and together with his wife Dr. Katie Snow, they have been helping people live well for over 11 years. Both professionals bring their expertise, energy and passion to help people achieve their dream of living healthy.

About eHolisticHealth

eHolisticHealth is a leading health center headquartered in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The center is focused on reaching out to people who have given up living truly healthy lives. It has various programs aimed at helping people take their health back into their own hands. eHolisticHealth is committed to improving the standard of holistic health care so people can enjoy a better life.

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