EggZilla NFT Launches, As It Set Sights On The Asian Region Through Its Innovative Zilla Ecosystem.

EggZilla is ready to embrace the shifting age to the new age of metaverse.

EggZilla is proud to announce its arrival with the innovative Zilla Ecosystem. For the past years, the South East Asia market has been craving and is ready for metaverse right now, with the exploding demographic of young and artistic people from the region, EggZilla is ready to embrace the shifting age to the new age of metaverse.

Sights On The Youth

Aimed specifically in Indonesia where 65 million of its youth people with so much passion in Arts and Music and freshly exposed to the crypto and NFT world, EggZilla aims to usher and open the path for new generations of young people to utilize their art skills and creativity in Zilla Marketplace and integrate into various known Play to Earn crypto games later on.

Quote from EggZilla CEO

The CEO of Zilla Ecosystem, Rony Gufron, said: ”there is no perfect time like now, and the EggZilla team is more than ready, not just to utilize the knowledge and experience in crypto/NFT world, but also ready to educate Asian market how to maximize the potential of Metaverse and bring good impact on their life”.

He further added: “the Tokenomics would be 12% Project Development, 23% Private Sale, 5% Marketing and 60% would be to Presale. This would support a total supply of 1 billion of $EGG, the crypto symbol for EggZilla”.

“Marketing is the Oxygen of Crypto”, said Rony. He believes that in order for crypto to stand out is through marketing and to add that, EggZilla has been doing a lot of marketing since the beginning. A lot of different communities with various background in the Binance Smart Chain space has been reached and a big partnership is on the way.

Transparency To The Core

Transparency also plays important role in the Crypto space, hence, the CEO of EggZilla decided to do KYC to the Launchpad platform and to some communities. “Most people are afraid to invest in a project because the team is unknown.

That will bring fear and fud and people will tend to dump on a project. We don’t want it here. That’s why I take the step to KYC myself to BSC_DAILY and also to Pinksale”, Rony said. Investors will be able to see the KYC badge tick on the Pinksale Platform when the presale pool is live.

Real Utility for EggZilla

With the real utility and targets that the EggZilla team aims along with the heavy marketing still going on behind the curtain and also a passed KYC progress, Eggzilla is going to have rapid growth across the Crypto space.

Dedicated teams of admins and moderators interact, answer questions, and post updates with community members around the clock. The Developer and Team Leader hand-selected the entire support team behind the project.

EggZilla aims to be the route to financial benefits for the users and aims to conquer the Binance Smart Chain space.

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