Effacts Opens First Office in United States

California Office Improves Effacts US Presence.

Effacts kicked off the first quarter of 2014 by establishing their first office on American soil in Palo Alto, California. Deep in the heart of Silicon Valley, the new office will expand Effacts' already substantial reach and improve their ability to attract North American customers to their legal management software.

The office was established early in 2014, in a process that took a handful of trans-Atlantic flights and nearly two months to complete. Founders Harm Bavinck and Michiel Mosterd were instrumental in the expansion to American soil. The Palo Alto office will be the second for Effacts and is expected to work with the founding office in Amsterdam. This move dramatically increases the scale as well as the reach of Effacts.

Founded by Harm Bavinck and Michiel Mosterd in 2002, Effacts Legal Management software boasts a reach of over twenty five countries, with a customer base well over 1000 users. The American office allows Effacts' to build new relationships with other software developers, and is expected to mark a new growth period in the business.

Effacts first made their name by developing a unique legal management software which quickly became recognized as a leader by industry analysts. A commitment to core values including customer experience, innovation, and security. With these three pillars, Effacts has built a strong and vibrant business that has allowed them to maintain a strong foothold in solutions for the legal process outsourcing market by bringing powerful solutions in house. These three pillars will also serve as the foundation of the new Palo Alto office.

Effacts' legal management software is designed to increase efficiency and lower costs. The design features a variety of templates for contracts, claims, meetings, compliance, and assets. Performance indicators can be viewed through one of multiple dashboards, and the software also provides its users with management reports and frameworks.

Harm Bavinck, a legal counsel by trade, was instrumental in the design process. When Bavinck combined forces with Michiel Mosterd, an IT specialist, Effacts was the result. Thanks to Bavinck's legal expertise and Mosterd's IT abilities, the project quickly took off. Today, Effacts' clients include many notable businesses and organizations, such as T-Mobile, Greenpeace, IBM, Translink, and Kuwait Oil. The software comes with a variety of price points and is based on a subscription model. The price points are designed to work for different businesses, with custom options available for those who need more manpower. A 24/7 customer service support desk ensures clients always get the attention they need, when they need it.

After the initial set up, customers are given the option to either go it alone, or make use of Effacts' consulting services. The consulting services are available ad hoc, and come in prepaid packages.

As new employees settle into the Palo Alto office, the future continues to shine brightly on Effacts and their legal management software.

Contact Info:
Name: Harm Bavinck
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Organization: Effacts
Address: 228 Hamilton Avenue 3rd Floor Palo Alto, CA 94301
Phone: (800) 950-3045

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