Edwin Urrutia Launches Second Pablos Taco Shop In New Texas Location

Following the successful opening of Pablos Taco Shop in Amarillo, Texas, serial entrepreneur Edwin Urrutia has opened a second location in Amarillo to increase the reach of this vital new brand.

Mexican food is some of the most popular cuisine in the world, known for being hearty and full of flavor. It is well known to those who have visited Mexico, and neighboring regions like Puerto Rico, that no one does Mexican food like authentic South Americans. This Baja style is known as ‘fresh mex’, and adds a modern, inventive spin on the classics. Serial entrepreneur Edwin Urrutia recently launched Pablos Taco Shop in Amarillo, Texas after tasting authentic Fresh Mex for himself, and is now opening a second location to help more people than ever enjoy the amazing flavors.

The second branch has been opened at 037 South Texas Avenue, Amarillo, Texas. The new location offers the same vibrant atmosphere, evocative décor and commitment to customer service as the original, while opening up to residents in whole new neighborhoods to drop by and enjoy their local authentic Fresh Mex cuisine.

The new branch will use the same menu, but benefit from its own unique specials set by the chef, and unique events that will offer people the very best in entertainment for their night out. Full details of the new location are available on the website, and on the Pablos Tacos Facebook and Twitter.

A spokesperson for Edwin Urrutia explained, “Mr. Urrutia has doubled down on his investment in Pablos Tacos after seeing how successful the opening of the first restaurant on Soncy Road was. Mr Urrutia was there to sample the food and the atmosphere, and saw first-hand what a great time the customers were having. Inspired, he decided Pablos should have a second location to maximize its coverage, and begin to build the business into a functioning brand that could go nationwide. This is an exciting time for everyone at Pablos Tacos.”

About Pablos Taco Shop: Pablos Taco Shop is a Mexican fusion restaurant inspired by Baja-style Fresh Mex food. The restaurant offers the very best freshly prepared Mexican dishes, together with a lively bar area. Pablos Taco Shop plays host to many themed events celebrating Mexican culture. They have just opened a second location in Amarillo Texas to spread the word of authentic Fresh Mex to new neighborhoods.

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