Edward Bass Announces Autobiography To Document An Unusual Life In Hollywood

Producer Edward Bass has worked with many generations of stars, from Sir Anthony Hopkins to Mila Kunis, and is capturing extraordinary and touching moments from his career in an autobiography.

Edward Bass might not have the most recognizable name in Hollywood unless you are work in the business, but his life on the periphery of its mainstream has born a thousand stories to be told, and not nearly enough time to tell them. He has produced alongside such producing partners as Sir Anthony Hopkins ("Bobby"), Guillermo Del Toro ("While She Was Out"), Kevin Spacey (“Mini's First Time"), Stanley Kramer (“Something a Little Less Serious" and a documentary on "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"), as well as with James Franco and his NYU students ("Black dog, Red Dog"). He has recently announced he is writing an autobiography that shares no small amount of amusing anecdotes, but also touching and life-changing moments too.

One his proudest moments to be recounted in the book includes his role in introducing Ryan White to Nancy and Ronald Reagan. White was instrumental in getting the Reagan’s support for AIDS research, and together the couple went on to spearhead GOP funding.

He is equally proud of the Toys for Totskys event he had a hand in setting up, with over 90% of toys being received by the intended recipients despite the difficulties both logistically and politically at that time.

The book will also look fondly back on some of Hollywood’s most infamous parties, including Bob Hope’s birthday bash, A Night At The Improv, his innovative Oscar Bash at the Hilton now copied by so many, and Jack Lemmon’s controversial snub from an award ceremony.

A spokesperson for Edward Bass in Los Angeles explained, “Though an autobiography might sound like a final chapter, that couldn’t be further from the truth for Edward. He is right now planning on making his directorial debut with ‘Belle’, a story about America’s most prolific serial killer, who lived in Chicago in the 19th century. Looking back on his time as a producer, Edward has much to tell about the evolution of Hollywood, its power to change the world for the better and it’s unfortunate tendencies toward excess. We are sure the manuscript will make for a powerful tale.”

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