Edufex Decentralized Learning Platform Presentation

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This article will reveal the principles of the platform for teaching students the future chosen professions. This article will talk about the service provided by Edufex, as well as the EDUX token.

Edufex is a blockchain-based E-learning online platform. It delivers all the subjects, topics, video tutorials, assessments, online assistance of educators, certification and university degree for the career growth and opportunities.

Edufex has developed a modern learning management system based on an online platform during the COVID-19 era, bringing together the best teachers and students. It provides a solid foundation for e-learning and removes all constraints by providing customers with a reliable, high-quality, geographic and linguistic unhindered e-learning starting point.

The concept of the system is simple: distributing tokens to teachers upon completion of their service to students distinguishes Edufex in different ways in the industry.

Edufex encourages worldwide information on PC screens in a single tick, saving time, endeavors, traveling costs, and foreign living expenses. Access to universally accepted certifications, degrees, and educators ’accessibility for wanted courses improve the e¬learning extension at Edufex Blockchain-based learning management system. students as well as instructors have equivalent freedoms on the platform. Edufex offers students numerous Online courses and can achieve Blockchain-based certification, which is universally accepted. It is undoubtedly a costly process to join blockchain, but Edufex's primary goal is to secure and protect all the information and also provide certification validation function on the website.
Edufex strategy: the Edufex Team believes that one educated person in a family can change the life of everyone.

Edufex has a team of 8+ Partners-Universities Affiliated, 18761+ Students & 838+ Teachers, which are the best teachers in the education industry who prepare qualitative content for college students and are available online to clear their doubts.

Edufex will be a new trend and face of e-learning because Edufex uses the most updated Elearning method. Students will discover appealing learning recordings, notes, subject wise content, online educator, no linguistic issue, limitless evaluation, performance track, and certification on Edufex site.

Edufex’s complete focus is on the above five segments and that we deliver the products consistent with their requirements. For covering market segments, Edufex is implementing LMS with Blockchain. Educators from all over the world will teach and publish many courses for the student. With every subscription, they'll earn profits from the platform. It will provide a cloud-based secure way for learning and certification.

Edufex came up with a Blockchain-based learning management system after MVP outcomes and uninterruptedly applying MVP in the E-learning platform. Edufex introduces students and educators oriented programs with the Minimum Viable Product’s help and collects their feedback. Based on those feedbacks, Edufex makes the changes and provides a better and secure platform for e-learning.

Edufex believes education has no limits, so the limit of geography and low funds should not bound students. On Edufex Blockchain-based platform, students can use a token for any professional course enrollment, certification, assessment, educators assistance, tutorials, and soft-skill training.

The platform offers courses in multiple languages, mainly covering English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, so the investor doesn't have to stick to other languages that are hard to understand. As the platform is working on a blockchain-based system, investors can pay fee for any course using the EDUX token.

Similarly, EDUX token is distributed with bonus credit for every user. Also, there is a bounty and referral program to earn a free token. With that token, users can either redeem on MVP (courses) or save the token on exchange in future as per the market value. Educators can choose to leave the tokens until their value increases as per the market trend. The maximum flow of the tokens in Edufex enhances the value of EDUX tokens.

Choosing Edufex, investors choose a 100% advantageous strategy to increase equity and development of the idea of electronic education without borders.

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