Education and Job Status Can Affect Cost of Car Insurance

A recent report from the Consumer Federation of America claims that car insurance rates can be affected by a person's education and job status.

A recent report from the Consumer Federation of America claims that the cost of car insurance for individuals in the United States can be affected by their education levels and the type of work that they do by profession. The federation said that while most consumers didn't think that these factors should be taken into the equation when it came to auto insurance costs, many insurance companies were taking them into account.

The CFA carried out research by getting quotes from a variety of insurance firms and varying certain factors on their application forms, including the type of work they did and their education levels. The results showed that in some cases insurance firms were taking these factors into account and increased the cost of auto insurance based upon them.

Motorists are being advised to ensure they compare auto insurance quotes before taking out coverage, as the cost difference between providers can be quite dramatic. Getting an auto insurance quote can be done through specialist sites online, making the process faster and simpler for those who want to save money.

One industry official from specialist website said: "In order to avoid the sometimes crippling cost of auto insurance, drivers really need to shop around. This doesn’t have to be a particularly time consuming process. For example, our matching process makes it quick and easy to get suitable and affordable quotes. Our website visitors can also carry out research by make, which is another speedy way of finding affordable coverage. A little research online can go a long way towards helping motorists to save money no matter what their education levels or professions."

In the meantime, the CFA has said that there is no justification for insurance firms taking education and profession into account when determining the cost of cover. The federation also stated that most people agreed that these factors were not relevant to the pricing of coverage.

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