Educate A Change and AYLOTI Study Present A 6-Point Agenda On O Level / A Level board Exams in Pakistan

Educate A Change and AYLOTI Study have become increasingly popular over the years for their student-centric advocacy and making the students' interest the core of their decision-making process.

In a related development, the body recently issued a statement regarding the controversy surrounding the upcoming  O Level/ IGCSE and A-Level examination of the CAIE board in Pakistan. The move has become necessary following the constant clamor by students and other stakeholders for a postponement of the exams due to the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted activities across the globe, and Pakistan is not an exception to the rule. The country’s education system has been hugely affected, with schools forced to shut their doors to prevent the spread of the virus. While the number of cases has continued to rise in Pakistan, different institutions in the country, including the CAIE board, are looking to resume activities. This situation has caused a stir in Pakistan, especially amongst students. Consequently, student bodies and other concerned organizations have constantly demanded a delay in examination to protect everyone. Unfortunately, their plea seems to be falling on deaf ears of the authorities, which is where the team at Educate A Change and AYLOTI Study is looking to take the cause to heart by submitting a 6-point agenda.

According to Educate A Change and AYLOTI Study, postponing the examination is the best decision at the moment, considering the uncertain situations of the school education for the past six months and the rising cases of Covid-19, with several students infected with the virus. The challenges associated with online educational methods, possible impending lockdown due to a high surge in Covid-19 cases, and changes to the local examination pattern in Pakistan have been identified as some of the reasons for postponing the exams. The body has also raised the issue of the current CAIE update ensuring the assured possibility of rescheduling and delay, which shows the possibility of rescheduling the examination.

Based on the identified issues, Educate A Change, and AYLOTI Study has put forward a 6-point agenda as highlighted below:

The examination should neither be canceled nor shifted to teacher-assessed and predicted grades to avoid the problems in such grading methods and exam cancellation summarized in the video supporting the agenda.

Exams must be delayed by one and a half months. The current surge in Covid-19 cases is unprecedented and creates an unsafe examination environment before that period.

Institutions must be closed for at least a month to curb the surge in Covid-19 cases to ensure a safe examination environment in late June 2021.

Reduce the syllabuses and exam lengths to allow students to prepare better given the restrictions of online classes and the familial issues arising from catching corona. It also provides an opportunity for batch based exams if the cases remain high while allowing the CAIE board to check the exams and provide results when they were due.

Provide results when they are due to ensure a smooth college application process.

The entry tests of local institutions/universities must be rescheduled to provide passing out O-Level / IGCSE and A-Level students a fair chance to secure admission. Conditional offers must be provided until CAIE releases the official results. Semesters can be started a week later to accommodate the scenario as well.

Educate A Change, and AYLOTI Study hopes that the respected decision-makers reconsider their stand and opt for a better alternative to ensure the development of the educational system and safety of the students amid the pandemic.

The video to the demands is currently available on YouTube by Hunain Zia, where it continues to create awareness.

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