EDU-entertain Inc Announces The Arrival Of A Variety Of Exotic Oriental Fine Art

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EDUENTERTAINSALES.COM. Known for its use of rare antiquated materials and one-of-a-kind fine art  has it’s popular Dragons made from bronze, carved jade to handmade carved mammoth ivory pieces.

Feng Shui is very popular with Oriental customers, as well as for designers and Interior decorators. There are many products related to Feng Shui from Wealth Kits to a Deluxe Move In Kits and for Newlyweds & New Home Owners.

Old Chinese locks, Guardian Statues, gorgeous oriental fans, amazing 8 layer Puzzle Balls with up to 8 handmade layers carefully made by fine oriental craftsmen create a rooms ambience as well as hand painted vases of every size and kind. Large Neck Hand painted vases, are found in china and go back over 11,000 years.

They are offering ivory carvings from the ancient and incredibly rare mammoth ivory on its new website EDUENTERTAINSALES.COM.

This material, having been preserved in permafrost for tens of thousands of years deep in the earth, is being offered at moderate prices far below what would be expected and like gold and silver and are an incredible investment.

Mammoth ivory possesses the same richness of color and composition as elephant tusk, providing and an extremely beautiful alternative to taking from the live animals of today. Uses of mammoth ivory by the EDUENTERTAINSALES.COM. artists’ takes additional care and preparation.

The mammoth tusk must first be treated for three full years before it can be handled. Special tools, invented by the artist, are used to create beautiful works of art from this delicate ancient ivory. Ivory carvings using mammoth ivory often feature gold, silver, bronze, precious stones and wood accents, and are available in carvings that include: Buddha statues, Dragons, Geisha, Flowers, Jewelry to name a few.

In addition to the phenomenally beautiful ivory carvings created using mammoth ivory, other unique and often rare items are sold on the vast EDUENTERTAINSALES.COM website to provide each shopper with an array of fine art collectibles to choose from. These exceptional items are often collector grade and will continue to increase in value through the years.

As previously  mentioned other items include Chinese crystal, hand forged Japanese, Chinese, and Oriental swords that are also available with 2 and 3 tier stand.

Along with exquisitely detailed Oriental fans once used in conversation and dance and later to indicate status and wisdom can be found in genuine Ox bone, bamboo, bamboo and silk, and distinctive woods round out a collection of goods that is as breath taking as it is vast.

Purchase are Always Shipped Free.

With a dedication to providing something for everyone, the President of EDU-entertain Inc., David Flinker, has established an open door policy for customer questions and comments.

About The Company
In business since 1999, EDU-entertain Inc carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This outstanding rating with its 14 year history allow EDU-entertain Inc. and it’s new website EDUENTERTAINSALES.COM to offer some of the rarest and highest quality products that can be found on the market today.

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