EdSmart Publishes A New Study Showing College Sexual Assault Statistics Of Top Ranked Schools

EdSmart have just published a new study investigating sexual assault statistics of Princeton Reviews' top ranked schools and compares each with their counterparts, with illuminating results.

Sexual assault is a serious and life changing crime, and sadly its prevalence seems to be increasing among young people. In particular, college campuses seem to be rife with incidents. Several sources are reporting that sexual assaults have jumped 61% in just two years across college campuses, while CNN have produced a documentary entitled The Hunting Ground, bringing the issue of college rape into the limelight. EdSmart has just published a new study showing college sexual assault statistics of top ranked schools, which has some alarming implications.

So-called ‘Party Schools’ are reported to experience 600% more on-campus sexual assaults than ‘Stone-Cold-Sober’ schools, though the scale has several points between these extremes. Equally, the ‘Least Religious’ schools are reported to experience 3400% more on-campus sexual assaults than the ‘Most Religious’ schools, which may say more about the prevalence of reporting and open discussion.

Equally alarming correlations include ‘Most Liberal Student’ schools experiencing 1800% more on-campus sexual assaults than the ‘Most Conservative Student’ schools. Moving away from percentages, the data can be interpreted in equally polemic ways, with one alleged forcible sex offence taking place on campus every two and a half hours.

The data seems to match with older studies, which found women in Sororities were 74% more likely to be raped and Fraternity men were more likely to commit sexual assault. Despite alarming interpretations, EdSmart urged caution when reviewing the figures.

A spokesperson for EdSmart explained, “We always urge caution when interpolating data from these kinds of studies. What we see are loose associations, for the most part, and these indicate a correlation and not a causation. We are not suggesting liberals are rapists, nor should the data be seen to say that. At the same time, the data is invaluable for women considering college attendance in helping them make informed decisions and mitigating risk factors. More importantly, it confronts colleges with the immediate responsibility to change the environment young people are entering when trying to get an education.”

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