eDrugSearch.com Fully Supports “Safe and Affordable Drugs From Canada Act”

As US Senators Advocate for Access to Canadian Pharmacies

eDrugSearch.com today announced that it supports the proposed law known as “The Safe and Affordable Drugs From Canada Act.” This is welcome news to U.S. residents who are suffering from unfair drug prices imposed upon them by pharmaceutical and insurance companies, which take advantage of FDA-backed mandates for approved, U.S. - only dispensed, overpriced drugs. In 2013, average prescription drug prices were twice as expensive in the United States as they were in Canada, with inflated costs leading to skipped doses or choosing not to fill prescriptions at all.

Several Senators also voiced their support. Senator John McCain said, “We must do more to stop the unsustainable increase in prescription drug prices by introducing greater competition into the pharmaceutical marketplace. This legislation would allow individuals to safely import prescription drugs into the U. S. from our neighbors to the north and save individual Americans up to hundreds of dollars a year.”

Senator Klobuchar added, “Canadian families right across our northern border pay on average half as much for their prescription drugs, but laws currently on the books prevent American families from buying these cheaper alternatives, (which) doesn’t make sense. I’ve joined with Senator McCain to introduce bipartisan legislation to allow Americans to safely import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada. To be clear, these are the same drugs with the same safety standards and the same dosages that are sold in the United States. Passing this legislation would increase competition, bring down drug costs, and save American families money.”

According to the Washington Post, drug prices are up more than 10 percent, way in excess of the U.S. inflation rate. The US is in its third year of double digit drug price increases. The price of branded drugs has risen 14.77 percent. Specialty drugs rose 9.21 percent. Even generic drugs, which historically have tended to get cheaper over time, rose 2.93 percent.

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