eDrugSearch.com Analysis Reveals 80% Savings on Blood Pressure Medication from Canadian Pharmacy Imports

Online medication directory company shares data showing how Canadian pharmacies can help Americans dramatically cut their costs of blood pressure treatment

Americans can save up to 80% on blood pressure medications, disclosed eDrugSearch.com, which serves as a leading online destination for Americans who need to, and choose to order prescriptions online. By importing blood pressure drugs from Canadian pharmacies, it is possible to realize dramatic cost reductions for a condition that affects an estimated 75 million Americans.

“Drug prices are about real life,” said Cary Byrd, CEO of eDrugSearch.com. “For people on fixed incomes, the impact of spending $50 per year on blood pressure medications instead of $400 is quite significant. For some families, it’s the difference between eating and not eating. That’s why the revelations of this price analysis are so important for Americans to understand.” Indeed, around 45 million Americans, or 18% of the adult population, said last year they did not fill a prescription due to cost.

Blood pressure drug prices also pose a serious public health threat. According to CDC data, about 75 million American adults (29% of the adult population) have high blood pressure. High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. It is the third leading cause of death in the US. Treating high blood pressure costs the US $46 billion per year. This sum represents health care services, medications to treat high blood pressure and missed work days.

“By saving up to 80% on blood pressure medication costs, importation from Canadian pharmacies will achieve two important goals,” Byrd added. “It will help Americans with high blood pressure to be healthy without creating financial hardship. At the same time, it will help America deal with a serious health problem economically.”

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