EDOutlet Releases 2 Men’s Laptop Crossbody Messenger Shoulder Bags w/ Unique Styling

EDOutlet has released two men’s crossbody laptop messenger shoulder bags for stylish day to day transport

EDOutlet, a company that releases functional and stylish men's products has recently introduced two men’s crossbody laptop messenger shoulder bags, one a leather briefcase and the other made of unique felt, for stylish day to day transport.

The first is a leather briefcase is from MRoyale™. The briefcase puts a twist on the timeless and classic piece that men around the world love. The briefcase is made with cow leather, which means it is extremely durable. It has steel zippers that will keep belongings safe and sound when the briefcase is zipped up.

Asides from that, the handle is easy to grip, thanks to the leather padding. The shoulder strap is detachable and comfortable to wear around the shoulders. The briefcase allows quick access to compartments, thanks to the two front pockets that are equipped with zippers. Users can store everything from their keys to wallets to their phones.

Inside, polyester aligns the interior, and there are several pockets that lets people keep their items neatly organized. There's a separate sleeve specifically for laptops. Those who tend to keep their tablets or laptops on them often will appreciate this feature.

The MRoyale™ leather briefcase comes in various colors, such as brown, black, navy blue and dark coffee to name a few. Consumers can choose from a glossy finish or a matte finish. This briefcase is ideal for men who are busy and for those who want to look stylish. Since the briefcase is versatile, it can be worn with casual or business attires.

Environmentally friendly, as well as modern and premium materials were used to create the MRoyale™ shoulder bag. This laptop/notebook bag has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted, and it is equipped with a top handle that allows a person to carry it various ways. Students who are constantly on the go or business people who are busy should opt for the bag.

Laptops and notebooks receive extra protection thanks to the inner layer, which is made with soft fabric. Other features include a decorative belt and button fasteners. These fasteners allow a person tho gain fast and easy access to their belongings.

Most laptops and notebooks should be able to fit inside the bag. Devices that are between 13.3 inches to 15.6 inches in screen size can fit inside of it too. If anyone wants a bag that is stylish and one that stands out of the crowd, but highly durable, then this is it.

The key features of the bag are:

. Shoulder strap that is adjustable
. Top handle
. Soft fabric
. Interior has an added layer of protection
. Button fasteners that allow fast and easy access to the contents of the bag

EliteDealsOutlet is a highly visible men's products retailer with an emphasis on functional and stylish items, carrying a variety of military vintage crossbody laptop messenger shoulder bags in various styles, sizes and materials. In most cases, free shipping is offered as a means to offer competitive delivery options to clients.

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