EDM artist sees single surpass one million plays on Spotify

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Established musician Ryderman’s song celebrates perseverance and self love for teens around the world

One of America’s best loved environmentalist musicians has celebrated seeing his single ‘Stay’ reach one million plays as his message of hope and anti-suicide continues to support youngsters around the world.

A Song Of Hope For Modern Teens

Featuring vocals from Ashley Jana, ‘Stay’ has established itself as Ryderman’s most popular track to date as the juxtaposition of dark themes and upbeat tones resonates with youngsters around the world.

Following the success of his 2016 album Reflection of Change, which features songs like ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Better’, and ‘Save Yourself’, the artist continues to spread messages of positivity in difficult moments through his songs.

In ‘Stay’, lyrics such as “I wanna climb every mountain for a love that makes me sing Hallelujah, I'm in love” and “I wanna know that it gets better” take the listener on a ride of emotion that does not shy away from dark thoughts but also highlights that things do get better with perseverance.

With over one million listens, the modern track has become a beacon of hope for many teens facing thoughts of suicide, self-harm, and a general loss of hope. It spreads the message that everyone has tough moments but that it’s OK to speak up and reach out for help.

The keen environmentalist, who aims to plant one trillion trees, also introduces the physical and emotional benefits of connecting with nature. At a time when mental health has been at an all-time low due to the pandemic, those lyrics of hope and positivity carry even greater meaning while the tune simultaneously brings a calming yet energetic air of positivity to the listener time and time again.

One Million Plays And Counting

Having initially been released in 2017, the song’s popularity has ironically stayed on a positive trajectory ever since, with many of those plays coming in recent months. The heartening vibes and timeless themes are set to ensure that the next million plays come far sooner.

The song is also introducing fans to Ryderman’s back catalog of songs that includes collaborations with Amanda Kayrae, Kristina Antuna, Aly Frank, Cali Baroni and Nico Santos, as well as additional tracks featuring the vocals of Jana.

Ryderman’s emotionally driven music hasn’t only helped teens, and has supported thousands of adults going through tough times too. Whether taking something from the lyrics and meanings behind the tracks or simply enjoying the harmonic vocals, the music has plenty to offer.

About Ryderman

Ryderman is an American artist and environmentalist who uses his music to inspire listeners around the world while simultaneously raising awareness of nature and the biosphere. His music attracts over 20,000 monthly listeners from around the world, including fans in Germany, the UK, and the US. His EPs and singles feature some of the most talented vocalists too.

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