Edie Jarvis, the Expert on Financial Planning and Annuities, Gives Top Tier Advice on Retirement Investments

Creating unique annuity investment plans to achieve retirement goals. At Jarvis Financial Inc., they believe that educating their clients on annuities and retirement planning is the first and most important step towards building a secure financial future.

Planning and investing finances is the smartest way to secure a stable and realistic retirement. Purchasing an annuity not only brings guaranteed payments for life, but also guarantees principal and provides growth for the client's investment. Edie Jarvis, at Jarvis financial, helps clients secure their retirement during an unforeseen economic future.

Getting to Know Edie Jarvis

Highly educated on financial planning and annuities, Edie Jarvis has been in the financial services industry for over 24 years! That’s over two decades worth of education as an annuity specialist and many other areas of finance.

From estate planning, to being an expert in all types of retirement planning accounts you can invest in. Edie is a senior financial advisor at a firm she built herself.

Retirement Planning

If you can trust anyone with your future in retirement, it’s Edie. Insisting that all fiduciaries sit with each client and make sure they completely comprehend their finances and where they’re going. During this different time virtual meetings are offered for safety.

The topic of annuity can be difficult to maneuver and when it comes to a retirement they want to make sure you understand the process fully. Understanding an annuity contract is the most important step in retirement investing.

Highly knowledgeable and trained on annuity investments, Edie Jarvis is a trusted specialist who cares about clients and their retirement. With over five hundred annuities to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Ensuring they find the best annuity to fit individual needs is Edie's top priority.

Annuity Investments at Jarvis Financial

Purchasing an annuity is a way to secure a retirement to protect it from market downside and offer liquidity or lifetime income. People insure their home, their car and their life. This is a way of insuring finances. It’s defined as a contract between the buyer and an insurance company for a set period of time.

In purchasing an annuity clients pay for the contract either by payments, or in full. They then can choose to receive it back all at once upon maturity, or in payments either for life, or a set period of time. On top of what is purchased, they will receive any investment gains or fixed interest rates, or both.

That’s where security comes in. Creating a stable investment that will financially pay retirees out in the future. Whether that be a lump sum, or as income. Therefore securing a steady income during retirement. Keeping in mind you can receive income as soon as thirty days after purchase or anytime thereafter.

Why it's a Safe Investment
Annuities provide one thing no other investment does, depending on the type of annuity chosen. That is a guarantee that the principal will never be lost due to market drop and no one can make clients cash in their annuity before maturity. Annuity holders are protected against lawsuits and probate in an annuity. Keeping in mind there are down sides in every investment, but loss in a fixed annuity is not one.

Recommended for long-term retirement investments, annuities are not something suggested to invest in for short-term financial goals.

One thing that should be considered is the credibility of the financial institution where purchasing an annuity through. Being financially sound and a reliable business is something they at Jarvis Financial excel in.

Providing a free annuity comparison, to get the highest rates in the country. If interested, visit Jarvis Financial online and fill out the form for free information.

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