Ecourse Consolidates The Truth About Coconut Oil, Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

Coconut oil, saturated fat and cholesterol have been the most misunderstood topics in the history of nutritional science. The e-course available now on Udemy provides students a more complete study and understanding the misconception.

Coconut oil has been demonized along with saturated fat and cholesterol as the villain for decades. Though more and more people have come to know and experienced the amazing health benefits of this wonderful tropical oil, the vast majority remains skeptical and uninformed towards coconut oil due to the widespread misconception for many decades. The same applies to saturated fat and cholesterol.

While most of the information on coconut oil, saturated fat and cholesterol are available in print and on the internet, much of what is available are scattered across different places, which make it difficult for an individual to have a complete view and understanding of the truth. With this realization an e-course has been designed by to provide a more systematic and complete study of the historical truth behind coconut oil, saturated fat and cholesterol, perhaps the three most misunderstood substances in the history of nutritional science.

The e-course is appropriately entitled ‘The Truth About Coconut Oil, Saturated Fat & Cholesterol’ and has only been published recently on Udemy, the largest online learning portal today. The course is conducted using primarily video-based presentation with 25 lectures and more than two hours of quality content. It takes students back in time to re-look at the history and scientific research which had led to the biggest scientific misconception in the history of medical science.

Dr. Mary Enig, a nutritional biochemist and the first scientist to vindicate coconut oil, says,
“…accusations against chemically- stable, basically non-oxidizable saturated fat don't make sense. Most people who find fault with saturated fats do not really understand that our cells are busy making saturated fatty acids all the time from carbohydrates and excess protein.”

Details on the e-course can be obtained at The course preview can be viewed on YouTube at And, to promote better awareness of coconut oil, saturated fat and cholesterol, the course is available for a limited time at one-third of the full fees. Details are available at the website address indicated below.

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