Economic Woes In The US That Could See Many Filing Bankruptcy

DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com just announced it was celebrating three successful years in the bankruptcy attorney referral arena. The website is continuously updated with news and articles regarding the bankruptcy industry giving its customers and visitors a top-notch experience. Since the addition of the news page, they stated that the employees at DFBA have been working tirelessly to be nationally known news sources regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Not only do they write and link to articles regarding updates on legislation and the economy, but also news worthy stories about business and municipality bankruptcy filings nationwide. Shortly after the news section was added, DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com also added a FAQ section to help individuals that are considering filing bankruptcy make an educated decision. As the bankruptcy code continues to change, it's important for Americans that are having financial difficulty to be up to date on the issues.

The news writers and researchers for DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com are continuing to keep a close eye on the economy and how it will affect those filing bankruptcy. As the mainstream media continues to bang the drum of a full recovery for the US economy, the researchers at DFBA see a different side of the coin and believe that hard times are coming to the US economy harming mainly middle-class Americans. Not only are they closely watching the number of Americans filing bankruptcy, but also the number of homes in default and on the verge of foreclosure. They recently reported at the end of 2013 1.1 million Americans used bankruptcy filing to eliminate their debts. Although this number is down from the record 1.6 million back in 2010, these researchers believe this might only be the calm before the storm. In this report and also talked about the continued increase to 51 million households now receiving food stamps. Added to that, they discovered that 29% of young adults under the age of 35 are living back at their parent's homes. With consumer debt in the US over $11 trillion, it's hard to believe there is any recovery happening in 2014.

Last week, the S&P 500 set a new all-time high and once again the media used this to shout economic recovery from the rooftops of Wall Street. Last year, the experts at Debt Free made their opinion very clear of how people should not look at the stock market to see how the economy is doing. With quantitative easing propping up Wall Street, the stock market doesn't give a true picture of what the economy is doing. The staff at DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com has been following the research of famed economists like Faber, Dent, Celente, Williams and Rogers, who all follow the same beliefs as they do. Most recently, many of these experts are predicting the demise of the US dollar and or loss of reserve status between 2014 and 2016. This is why they believe that many will have to file bankruptcy to get out from under the large amount of consumer debt that's been created over the last five years.

The experts at DebtFreeBankruptcyAttorney.Com as always will continue to spend countless hours deciphering the maze of economic numbers and report on them on their website. As unemployment numbers continue to rise, DFBA is preparing for an onslaught of Americans that need to file bankruptcy to stop aggressive creditors from a constant bombardment of phone calls and threats of lawsuits. As the Federal Reserve continues with quantitative easing, printing money at will, the average Joe needs to take a firm grasp of their finances and work towards the goal of being debt free. Filing bankruptcy and becoming debt free will send a strong message to many of these dishonest creditors that are destroying our capitalistic economy.

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