eCom Domination – Automate The eCom Marketplace With The Innovative And Easy To Follow Training Course

Without the automation in eCom store, people are leaving a pile of money on the table every time customer take action. That is why Sam England and Jon Bowtell have opened a course called eCom domination built with reliable automatic income and stability in mind.

Ecom domination is an explosive “30,000-foot bird’s eye overview” training course that will shine a new light on people’s old understanding of what eCom is all about. Sam and Jon will shatter myths and beliefs about eCom and show people why they have not been able to crush eCom yet. Sam will teach people how to built funnels that convert small shoppers into repeat buyers, how to automate the order so the customer can start buying and using the new and traditional auto-subscribe model.

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Same England and Jon Bowtell will show people how they can network with legit suppliers that value their reputation without having to struggle with missing packages, chargebacks and negative criticism that could harm the identity. People can work confidently, knowing their customers are getting the products in time, in correct quantities, and without accounting errors that could quickly spiral out of control. All the question of newbie marketer will be answered inside eCom Domination.

Here is the content inside 154 videos of eCom Domination Course people need to get the thriving e-commerce business:

Research for hot niches: this module will show some information about a potential niche. This includes what to sell, a few secret tactics for identifying hot niches, analytics of the competitors and people can use their data to “spy” on demand for consumer goods.
Finding real wholesalers & distributors: Sam will show people how to avoid dealing with intermediaries, how to contact consumer goods manufacturers to get a good response, and a sample call to a manufacturer that yielded a valuable connection.
Building people’s store: people can learn everything they need to get eCom website up and running. From purchasing domain name, to writing the most important pages of the site, to making product listings - everything is explained, step by step.
Using amazon: Sam will show people how to tap into the biggest global distribution system in the world, and prepare them the difficulties in logistics that may come as a result, by showing how to keep it straightforward.
Using ebay: Sam will explain how people can use eBay to bring pre-qualified visitors to the store, where people can make sales without having to pay eBay a dime for it. They will even show people how to do extra market research on eBay in case they do wish to sell there, plus provide them with useful tools and resources to ease this process.
Creating content: Sam will show people how to generate amazing product listing content. The store will look and feel 100% native and official.
Social media marketing blueprint: Sam focus on Facebook in this module because it is the #1 best and largest traffic generation system for most eCom store owners. There is more than one way to get traffic from Facebook, and they will show all of them, inside this module.
Bulk surplus & liquidation:. This module will show people where to find tons of profitable goods what red flags to avoid.
Importing & white labeling: this is for advanced eCom enterprises who have capital to invest into ready-made products which willing to sell with their brand name.
Tying it all together: the module discusses customer service, credit card processor perks, and PayPal's flexible shipping options.
Live training sessions: sam included live training - a huge 19 hours collection of client’s problems and their newest industry discoveries.
No hold’s audio training (9 hours): this is an in-depth course on eCom which has helped plenty of people get their business on their feet, with no prior experience. This is a collection of cheat sheets, blueprints, e-books and audio training of how to profit on eCom marketplace.

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“When I first started making money online, I was building Amazon affiliate websites. To be honest. I worked many hours, and even though I thought I was doing pretty well with my business. I had to keep a real job to pay the bills. During a good year, I might be able to make $10k during the Christmas shopping season. However, at most months, I was barely pulling $2k a month. I knew there had to be a better way. Then I discovered Sam England's e-commerce training. These days. I have plenty of products on Amazon that sell like clockwork. Now I make $10k month during a slow month, working just twenty hours a week. If you want to do the same for yourself. Let Sam England teach you what he taught me.” - Bill Stewart Jr., a past student of Sam, said.

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